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Toyota Alone In Bed With Hydrogen As EVs Take Control

Toyota is more and more alone in the hydrogen fuel cell camp, as other manufacturers turn towards battery electric vehicles. The Japanese automaker spent tons of cash and time (since the early 1990s) on the research and development of FCVs.  Today, it must continue to decide whether to invest even…

2 weeks ago by Mark Kane 98

Mercedes GLC F-Cell: Hydrogen Fuel Meets Plug-In Power

The GLC F-Cell’s combined powertrain has a total output of 272 miles, including 30 miles purely on the electric drivetrain. While the 1,000-horsepower plug-in Project One demonstrates Mercedes’ ability to build a world-beating hypercar, the German brand shows a dedication to being green in Frankfurt with the reveal of models…

5 months ago by Chris Bruce 9

Nikola Provides Updates On Electric, Hydrogen Semi Truck

A lot is apparently going on at the Nikola Motor Company, which is developing a long-range hydrogen fuel cell truck with a 320 kWh battery.  The long haul truck is scheduled for production in 2020. According to the latest news, the Nikola One is currently undergoing design tweaks to enable it to…

8 months ago by Mark Kane 49