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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Blames Suppliers For Model 3 Production Issues

Tesla is playing the blame game again. Who’s to blame for Tesla Model 3 production issues? Depends on who you ask. Tesla says suppliers are behind the bottleneck, but is that really the case? Several times in the past, Tesla pushed production delays/issues on suppliers. Such is the case again…

13 hours ago by Eric Loveday 122

Orange Tesla Model 3 Spotted

Manhattan #Model3 A post shared by Model 3 (@mymodelthree) on Oct 12, 2017 at 12:00am PDT Our first sighting of an orange wrapped Tesla Model 3. This appears to be a modified Unplugged Performance Model 3. Note the logo in the lower front portion of the front driver’s side door….

5 days ago by Eric Loveday 20

Panoz Green4U Unveils Pair Of Electric, 230 Mile, SIX-Door SUVs

When you think Panoz, an all-electric six door beast probably doesn’t first come to mind; but that is what Don Panoz, Green4U’s chairman and co-founder has put in motion, calling on “three decades of high-level motorsports design”. In fact, Green4U Technologies is actually presenting two six-door SUVs – the Enova and the…

5 days ago by Mark Kane 18