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Top 6 Plug-In Hybrids Ranked By Electric Range

Plug-in hybrids are often considered the gateway to a pure electric car, but did you know that electric range for PHEVs sold in the U.S today varies from as high as 97 miles, down to a low of just 10? With such massive separation between the highest electric range PHEVs…

5 hours ago by Eric Loveday 34

Tesla Q4 Conference Call In Its Entirety – Video

Here it is, in video format. The full Tesla Q4 conference call is now available for your enjoyment. It’s over an hour long, so there’s a lot to digest. RELATED: Tesla Pushes Back Standard Model 3 Deliveries To Late 2018, Early 2019 MODEL 3 PRODUCTION NOTES: New Tesla Model 3 Battery Line Could…

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Looking For A Deal? Buy A Used EV

Cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt aren’t as expensive as you think. If you’re in the market for an EV, you know that some of them can pricey with options. We’re looking at you, Tesla. But the reality of its is, not all electric cars garner premium price tags over…

1 day ago by Jeff Perez 28

Dissecting A 2170 Battery Cell – Video

If you ever wondered what’s inside the 2170 Tesla battery cells that are produced in Gigafactory 1 by Tesla in partnership with Panasonic, her’s your answer. ARIES RC discharged and disassembled a cell obtained in some way (allegedly) from the Gigafactory. The 2170 cylindrical cells are bigger than the previous…

1 day ago by Mark Kane 16

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Tesla Model 3 Review: What The Big Publications Missed

TESLA MODEL 3: THE THINGS ‘BIG NAME REVIEWERS’ DON’T TALK ABOUT By Roger Pressman* Lots of reviews discuss the Tesla Model 3—its performance and driving attributes, its interior and exterior design, the basic functionality achieved through the landscape display and a myriad of other features. In fact, here at EVANNEX, we’ve…

2 days ago by EVANNEX 49