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Progressive Policies In Some States Will Accelerate Tesla

ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND THE GRID — A LOOK AT PROGRESSIVE POLICIES EMERGING IN CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK With Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasting the market for Model 3 vehicles could swell to 700,000 vehicles, the streets may soon be flooded with electric cars. To put that in perspective, the popular BMW 3 Series only has an…

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Natural Gas can't compete with Tesla

Tesla + Cheap Oil Killed Natural Gas Dreams

Natural gas as a vehicle fuel was one of the first seemingly foolproof and viable ideas to rid U.S. dependency on oil in place of the plentiful, renewable, and cleaner resource. Natural gas gained attention and appeal, especially in 2008, when oil prices jumped to record highs. Ideas of utilizing…

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Bloomberg: Electric Cars Are Everywhere Except Here, Now

Bloomberg ask,s in dramatically-entitled article, “Why Electric Cars Are Everywhere Except Here, Now“. Our guess? Because we simply we are in the early days of an exciting step-change, and it takes a few years to displace tens of millions of petrol sales each year? Today, EVs make up only fraction of…

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Study Finds CAFE Standards Can Indeed Increase EV Adoption

It turns out, U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards work exactly as intended, and perhaps better. A team of researchers from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, and the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering at the University of Central Florida published an article entitled, Will Corporate…

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