Swiss Police To Replace Diesels With Tesla Model X Fleet

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A Tesla might just be the ultimate cop car. Police departments in Los Angeles, Denver and Luxembourg have added Model S sedans to their fleets. The Ontario Police recently purchased a Model X, and England’s famous Scotland Yard is considering going electric. Now Electrek reports that the police force in Basel, Switzerland has announced plans to replace seven existing diesel vehicles with Model X 100D SUVs.

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Above: Tesla Model X police car (Image: CNET via Ontario Provincial Police)

The new Teslas will cost approximately 150,000 Swiss Francs ($151,000) each, about 50,000 Francs more than the legacy diesel vehicles. In typical thrifty Swiss fashion, the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police released a statement explaining the economic justification for the move: “The total cost of ownership is lower, despite higher initial cost compared to today’s cars. The planned replacement of the diesel vehicles with the Tesla Model X-100D brings several benefits in terms of economic efficiency, practicality and ecology. With an eye to the environmental measures outlined in the Cantonal Legislative Plan 2017-21, the Cantonal Police has considered whether a fully electric vehicle on the market is suitable as an alarm response vehicle. A thorough investigation and practical tests have shown that the Tesla X-100D meets the requirements.”

Police spokesman Martin Schütz told Telebasel that the higher purchase cost of the Teslas would be offset by significantly lower costs for operation and maintenance and a higher resale value. He noted that an alarm response vehicle needs “a sufficient payload and plenty of storage space due to the equipment of the police officers. Ideally, the vehicle also has four-wheel drive.”

Above: Elon Musk tweets his stamp of approval (Twitter: Elon Musk)

“A conventional vehicle brings the police from A to B. What the Basel police are now buying is a laptop on wheels,” Purchasing Manager Theo Karafantis told BZ Basel, noting that this would help the force prepare for future challenges, such as the control of drones. “Even for a simple traffic accident, the onboard computer will make it much easier to record the data,” he continued.

The move has its detractors. In its headline, Telebasel described the Teslas as “luxury vehicles,” and snarkily suggested that “only the best is good enough” for Basel’s boys in blue. “It is incomprehensible that almost one million francs are spent for vehicles that have not yet been tested in everyday police life,” carped Felix Wehrli, a detective at the Criminal Investigation Department, asking why the department didn’t choose a cheaper vehicle from a legacy automaker such as BMW or Mercedes.


Written by: Charles Morris; Sources: Polizei SchweizElectrek

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They made the best choice they could have made.


By the way, within a few years both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X will have battery packs with higher kWh capacity. Meaning that the range will improve over time as those future battery packs will be produced. Battery technology will still improve during the next decade.

I’m wondering how can a socialist country afford Teslas and in my capitalistic country America we can only afford dirty gas guzzlers? SMH

Well somehow Switzerland managed to stay out of WWI and WWII even though war was all around them. I’m not sure if they have more than the Swiss Army that protects the Pope. American spends $800 billion on military and security and still it’s never enough.

Are you kidding? If there’s one thing other than clocks and chocolate that the Swiss are known for it’s being armed to the teeth. That said, they at least save money on their navy 😉

That has to be the most ignorant post I’ve seen here in years that’s unrelated to EVs. Switzerland is probably the most defense-oriented country in Europe. Every building has a atomic shelter, every bridge and mountain pass has an explosive charge enabling it to be destroyed in case of invasion. There’s not only mandatory military service, but there mandatory active reserve duty for decades afterwards.

Switzerland is most certainly not a socialist country.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

The vast majority of Tesla vehicles have been sold in America.

But in Norway, Tesla by far has the highest market share 🙂

Switzerland is more capitalist than America.

The Swiss are not socialist but rather exhibit some socialist tendencies…less so than USA


Ron Swanson's Mustache

Every time you post stuff like this, Rachel Carson considers rolling coal in a 2002 Dodge Ram diesel with malfunctioning O2 sensors.

Just for your continued annoying posts, im going to sell my new Model 3 and buy an H1 Hummer.


How much for model 3?

Too small for law enforcement and likely any govt use vehicle…unless for use by a small homogenous population like Vietnam or Peru

Well if I’m gonna be arrested and put in a squad car this is the one I would what to be in.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Indeed. And they probably don’t need to modify them as much either. No need to remove the rear inner door handles, for instance, since the falcon wing doors are so unreliable that people in the back seat basically have no hope of escape anyway!

You mean as unreliable as your serial anti-Tesla trolling FUD?

Model 3 AWD-P would be an even better choice.

Too small…see my above reply

I wouldn’t bet on a Model X being a low maintenance vehicle.

Per “The Ontario Police recently purchased a Model X” – this is incorrect! It was a Loaned Vehicle, decorated in Police Wrap, just for the Auto Show! I spoke to Police at the Auto Show Exhibit! This story was miss reported, and the assumption was then copy cat reported! Just like the miss reported death of a Canadian Singer, except THAT story was retracted! This story never got a correction!

Basel McDonald charges ~15CHF for a big mac. I think they can afford teslas.

Model S or Model X make perfect economic sense for most city law enforcement vehicles where number of miles traveled per shift is likely under 100. Later next decade when ranges are 400+ miles and supercharging stations can refuel them to 80% in 20 min, county and highway enforcement vehicles would be more eligible for Tesla models as well.

in 12 years Montreal will follow the Swiss!