Swedish Plug-In Electric Car Market Share Soars To 12%


Demand for plug-in electric cars remains strong in Sweden.

In September, sales of plug-in cars in Sweden increased 20% year-over-year to 2,308 reaching a decent 12% market share.

Most of the sales are plug-in hybrids, although after the most recent changes in incentives – favorable to BEVs – all-electric car sales are growing faster (up 37% compared to 14% for PHEVs).

After nine months of 2018, 20,316 plug-in cars were sold in Sweden (up 53%) at an average market share of 7%. In total, more than 70,000 plug-ins were sold in the past several years in Sweden.

The Volkswagen Passat GTE is the top-selling plug-in model, followed by two plug-in hybrid Kias – Optima and Niro. The first BEV on the chart comes in at #7 and is the Nissan LEAF.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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What is interesting is the comment from BIL Sweden who represents the dealers and manufacturers: dealers are supply constrained on BEV and PHEV and can’t make up for the loss of sales they had on diesels and petrols.


Again, the switch to the WLTP cycle is likely the cause here as well. Many ICE models a just not available since September, which lets total car sales go down and relative EV share go up. It will likely normalise over the next months.
20% YoY growth for EVs is good, but not want you would want for EVs to take over. Sweden is on the right path, but plenty still to go


What I find interesting is the difference between US, Europe, and China.
In the US, BEVs sales are replacing OLD ICE vehicle.
In addition, new ICE vehicles sales, as a whole, are dropping in America.
So, that means BEVs, are replacing OLD AND NEW ICE.

In Europe, Bevs sales are increasing, and are replacing OLD ICE vehicles.
However, ICE vehicle sales continue to increase, as a whole.
That means BEVs are replacing old ICE, but NOT new ICE.

Then you have China. China’s case is that new EVs are NOT replacing OLD ones.
In addition, ICE vehicles sales continue to grow fast.
That means BEVs are replacing nothing, nor slowing down new ICE sales.

What this means is that We will see America’s CO2 continue downwards at a decent clip (a drop in oil usage for new vehicles and old replaced, as well as replacing old/new with fairly clean electricity).
Europe will see some drop, but that will be BEVs replacing old vehicles. The new ICE vehicle growth will continue to grow the CO2.

Then we have China. China will continue to grow Co2 all around. More ICE, combined with ICE being replaced with electricity that is actually dirtier than what the ICE produced.

Micke Larsson

The EV is a lot cleaner even with the Chinese electricity than an ICE. And every EV sold in China replaces an ICE that would have been sold instead. Slightly decreasing the increase of ICE sales does as much good as selling an EV in a market in decline.

If we on the other hand look at how many vehicles per person people have in the different places and how inefficient and unnecessary big they are…


At least in places where people are still buying new ICE cars, the new ones should be more efficient than the old ones…

Though, we still have a long way to go.
In the US, I see more and more EV’s every day, however, the problem is, there are so many cars in the US, that unless we see huge(150% YoY increase of sales for the next 20 years) sales, EV’s will remain under 10% market share for a long while.
Part of the problem is, in the US, 17 million new vehicles are sold every year. Well, Tesla as a whole, produces maybe 364,000 vehicles per year(260,000 Model 3 + 52,000 Model S + 52,000 Model X), and a large portion of those are sold in other countries. The US will need a company to produce at least 1,000,000 EV’s per year, but specifically for the US market.


Man, that’s almost 4000 Kia PHEV drivers that are probably going to be surprised and annoyed when their engine comes on every time they call for some warm air in the Swedish winter.

Dani Silva

Just wait until the Model 3 is available in Sweden (and Europe in general).
You will see that graphic skyrocket!

Magnus H

It’s not a popular type of car. No towing either.