Skoda Presents Video Proof Of Superb Mission To Mars


Elon Musk, eat your heart out!

A Note To Elon

While Elon Musk’s own first-generation Tesla Roadster won’t quite make it to the Red Planet, Skoda has successfully sent its flagship Superb model in the punchy 280-horsepower Sporstline specification to Mars. Without making a big fuss about it, the Czech marque part of the Volkswagen Group empire has released video footage on YouTube to demonstrate the red-hot Superb was actually on a mission to Mars.

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After checking the rearview mirror and the car’s Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS), the driver fires up the four-cylinder 2.0 TSI gasoline engine as well as the infotainment system displaying “Don’t Panic Elon!” on the touchscreen. He then embarks on a journey to Mars… as in the tiny commune located in the Loire department in central France. After tackling the traffic at speeds of a little over 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers) per hour (not quite as fast as the Tesla Roadster, eh?), he arrives at the destination.

He is greeted by dozens of people part of a very small community taking into account only several hundred people are currently living in Mars, as per the trusty Wikipedia. After shaking hands, hugging kids, and taking photos, our hero walks away and bounces on the road as if he were in outer space. After all, he is on Mars where the gravity is much lower compared to what we have here on Earth, right?

The video is chock-full of references and goes to show automakers do have a sense of humor from time to time. We honestly weren’t expecting such a video to come from Skoda, but we are pleasantly surprised by the initiative. Skoda and Tesla have virtually nothing in common, yet there’s now a connection between the two. The Superb and original Roadster were tasked to reach Mars, both a small place on Earth not a lot of people have heard of and also the fourth planet from the Sun.

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sick…. and not in a good way. And I can assure you this oblivious, arrogant tone is not a one time thing for Skoda ads.

Another Euro point of view

Arrogant ? Maybe Skoda failed this time but Skoda being the “cheap” brand within the VW group its ads are about humor and being a good “family work horse” type of car. Skoda having the exact opposite culture as compared to Tesla (Cheap & practical & always in the top 3 brands in reliability survey’s for the last 15 years). Skoda just had to make this ad, it re-enforces their image of the car close to the “normal” people.

Yeah, funny vid as far as the vid iteslf goes…

…but I’m not sure Skoda should be the one to do it, given that they are promoting an ICE car while joking at the expense of an EV, while they are owned by a company (VW) still in SUPERBly deep S**t over ICE pollution cheating…

… and, in particular, the Skoda arm of VAG has yet to sell a single plug-in model, 10 years after Elon’s red Roadster hit the road, making them ridiculously behind the curve…

… and, no matter how loudly they rev the engines, their acceleration will never be a match to any of the models coming out of Tesla.

Price, btw, seems similar to the 310-mile Tesla Model 3 🙂

In short, very funny as a stand-alone joke, but with context included, the joke is totally on Skoda for being douchebags with zero self-awareness.

You do realize that the rockets that propelled that Tesla to space are propelled by RP-1 Kerosene, right? They likely generated more carbon emissions in one launch than all Skodas in service on earth in a lifetime.

Not close to true. The rocket probably didn’t even generate a weeks worth of total Skoda fleet emissions.

Skoda had made more ICE vehicles, than Tesla made Roadsters, or Model S, or Model X, though!

“They likely generated more carbon emissions in one launch than all Skodas in service on earth in a lifetime.”

You do realize that at least some people reading your FUD have a grasp of science and the concept of scale, don’t you?

The fact that you keep posting such obvious lies shows that you know you can’t make an anti-Tesla (or anti-SpaceX) argument which is actually true or based on facts.


This is sad, Skoda!

Mocking the Supreme Leader and his Grand Cause is no fun at all!

It is very stupid and arrogant and must be condemned! You must be dead serious when talking about such serious matters as Great Mission!


Elon Musk has a sense of humor, and isn’t above poking fun at himself.

The same most definitely can’t be said for Big Oil shills and Tesla Hater cultists, like you.

Skoda is part of the Volkswagen group. A joke rings rather hollow when it comes from a company which forced monkeys to breathe diesel car exhaust for hours, as part of their “clean diesel” fraud.

Not exactly what I’d call a “fun” company.

The breathing Diesel exhaust soot is bad enough, even if it’s not far from Roswell N.M. It’s what comes after the incarceration and gas chamber, that is when the alien hominid surgical examination of lung tissue is commenced. These Petro-Terrestrial beings should be extinct by now, if not by their own fossil fueled folly!

Holy Elon is so great – he is not only Dear Leader of Great EV Revolution with superb vision, but he also has Sense of Humor[tm] !

Too bad Big Oil shills and Tesla Hater cultists in conspiracy with Škoda make fun out of such serious things as launching cars into Sun orbit 😐 It is good that true believers like Pu pu show us true path and cut these silly jokes! I’m dead serious now 😐

Seriously? Dead? Wow!

Irony: A fool cell fanboy and Big Oil shill like zzzzzzzzz trying to ridicule Tesla and its cars, and also try to belittle the accomplishments of SpaceX.

Now that is funny. Let’s hear it for unintentional humor!
😆 😆 😆

Get a life, would you?


A “Life on Mars” maybe?

Very nice ad, good marketing, fun to watch!
The only issue is the petrol engine.

Another Euro point of view


THE ICE cannot run in Space…Musk’s EV can! L M A O…..

Oh lighten up people. This was a clever and entertaining video…


Was the Skoda a “clean diesel”?

haha, this is at least as funny as the video…

My current car is a Skoda. My next one will be a Model 3 🙂


epic fail

Cool commercial that makes fun of themselves and gives Tesla free advertising…

Lighthearted stuff like this might be why Volkswagen Is ‘World’s Best Creative Advertiser’ in 2017…

Well, Volkswagen is certainly better at advertising EVs they claim they are going to make than they are about actually making them!

Yeah, Volkswagen is the King of Vaporware EVs.

Vaporware vaporware vaporware…
VW is currently the 9th leading producer of vaporware in the world and their real plans for vaporware start next year not in 5 years FUDSTERS…

The LA Autoshow had VW all in, when it came to EVs coming in the next model year. VW can’t be that FUDdy DUDdy, to pull the plug now, on their EV “real plans”.

Well, I hope you’re right. But we are, after all, talking about the company that has promised to put the I.D. Buzz into production more than a dozen times. I haven’t really tried to follow just how much EV vaporware Volkswagen spews out, but I did follow the “story” of the VW “1-Litre” or XL1 project, and I remember they promised to put that into production something like half a dozen times before they actually followed through with a very limited production of 125 units. I also remember being astonished that they finally actually followed through on that, after so many false promises.

I think Volkswagen’s marketing division must use Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown as a business model! 😉

Lately a lot of car ads are all about Mars. Elon has sure enough struck a chord!

Proof other Automakers are jealous they can’t associate their vehicles with spaceships and rockets.

This derivative ad actually reinforces SpaceX & Tesla’s historic accomplishments.

Now, if Skoda (aka VW Group) only had desirable EV’s to actually sell and a diesel scandal they want to bury…

Telemetry window displaying speeds higher than 120km/h on a 90km/h limited roads…

That will be a 135€ fine and 3 points on your driving licence skoda driver.