Second Tesla Model S Went To CEO Elon Musk. Ten Customers To Get Cars At Event On Friday

JUN 20 2012 BY JAY COLE 6

Tesla CEO Stands Next To His Tesla Model S #00002

On Friday (June 22nd), the official launch of the Model S will occur, with the first customer deliveries happening at an event at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.  However, as reported earlier, this would not be the first true delivery, as news that Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson had already received the first car at an internal ceremony.

What wasn’t reported at the time was that two early Model S cars had actually been delivered, the second being to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Moments Later, Steve Jurvetson Successfully Applied the Vulcan Death Grip To the Photographer, Clearing His Path

Apparently, several days before the photos of Jurvetson driving his Model S hit the web, both men had received their cars.   In fact, friday, June 1st is when Steve got his car, a red signature performance edition, VIN#5YJSA1DP8CFF00001.  Then on the very next day, Elon Musk took posession of his car, which is a black version of the same model, and with a vanilla interior, VIN 5YJSA1DP8CFF00002.

The Tesla CEO himself explains why Jurvetson and himself got their cars before the big day:

“…the reason those two cars are going to Steve and myself is so that we can spend a few weeks just going through the cars in detail and experiencing any tiny issues ourselves before regular customers experience them them.  I think its really important to thoroughly test your own product and be extremely tough on it before giving it to general customers” and goes on to explain how issues have been identified and fixed before the big day.

I expect no one reading this actually believes it is necessary for the CEO and his friend to receive title to the first two production cars three weeks early as a quality control measure, but it is Elon’s world, so…moving on.

As for the event itself on June 22nd, Musk says that there will not only be one car delivered, but ten cars in total.  All of which will be to “non Tesla insiders.”



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I expect Elon to also claim the first Iron Man suit when he soon reveals to the world that he is indeed…Iron Man.

Good time to host clip of Elon’s cameo in Iron Man 2:

No way could Elon not get one before the rest of us!

Good promotional move that there will be lots of cars given out to regular customers to start things out for the S.

You guys are the S–T! You guys break so much news & you dont take yourself serious at all either. Luv the caption!

Staggering accomplish. GO TESLA – American-made, American-FUELED. Tell those middle-east oil barons where they can shove their terrorist funding tarsand addiction.
I pray for Elon Musk – he had the vision to say, America hasn’t lost its edge at all. We can build this car here in America and change the job status from export, to import. The cars are fueled from mined American energy sources. Thank God for this man.

The shot heard round the world. America is fueling their own cars, made right here at home. Do the math folks – the average car purchase is $35000, and over the lifetime of the car, the energy choice on how to fuel that car is nearly the same amount. When you buy a gas car, you just bought 10 years of oil addiction to people who despise our liberty, democracy, freedoms, women’s rights, and religious tolerance. May this and every Electric car make it. Here in Colorado, the fuel source is all from right here at home, natural gas, coal, solar, and wind all generate our electricity. What doesn’t go into my tank, is foreign oil. I’m a proud Volt owner and proud to say, a Tesla S will add to the garage in 2013.