Say Goodbye To The Original Nissan LEAF, As October US Sales Fade Away

NOV 1 2017 BY JAY COLE 28

With the 2018 LEAF’s debut only a few months removed, Nissan promotes the NISMO-spec LEAF in Japan this month

We assumed with only a few hundred copies remaining in stock of the original Nissan LEAF mid-month, that October sales would ultimately fall under the 4-digit mark for the first time in over 8 months (since January).  We were not mistaken.

But then again, it had to happen, as the new longer range (150 miles EPA) 2018 Nissan LEAF now arrives in the US in about 8 weeks time.

The original Nissan LEAF enters its 83 month on the US market- and looking well, kinda tired now

For October, Nissan sold 213 LEAFs, which was unable to compete with the 1,412 sold a year ago, and is the model’s lowest result since February of 2012.

For the year 10,953 have now been delivered, which is somehow still up 3% from 2016 (when 10,650 were moved).

On other words, Nissan has had a bit of a ‘whoopsie moment’ (technical term) in its planning for the new LEAF, as the refreshed EV will miss out on the prime Fall selling season…and missed the opportunity to probably sell ~10,000 more units this year.

Instead, the 2018 LEAF will launch into the EV sales desert of Winter and inside a new calendar year when it arrives in January.  However, with that in mind, the demand for the 2018 LEAF in regions where orders have been opened, demand has been exceptionally high – so perhaps Nissan doesn’t really care about the lost sales in Q4 2017 at this point.

In fact, Nissan has started deliveries of the 2018 LEAF in its domestic market; where we have already seen a couple test drives from Japan already, as well as some demonstrator model reviews from Europe (see here, here and here).

Nissan IMx Concept – giving us a window into the brands all-electric CUV planned by 2019

And while we expect the 2018 LEAF to sell exceptionally well next year, and the even longer range 2019 model year LEAF (with a ~60 kWh battery/225+ miles of range) to build on those sales next Fall, the EV will face some serious competition internally in 2019, as Nissan has promised both an all-electric long-range utility vehicle and an all-electric  long-range sedan.

The CUV was recently teased from the Tokyo Motor Show in the form of the IMx Concept (think the 2016 IDS Concept debut 2 years ago in Tokyo to the eventual 2018 LEAF).

The IMx boasts 373 miles/600 km of range…on the Japanese ‘unobtainium’ JC08 metric of course.  When translated into EPA-estimated miles, that number sinks to about 220 miles/355 km.  In other words, it has the 2019 LEAF’s ~60 kWh battery inside.

Video (below):  Nissan IMx debut from the Tokyo Motor Show in October

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28 Comments on "Say Goodbye To The Original Nissan LEAF, As October US Sales Fade Away"

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Maybe Nissan is in “production hell” also…

213 sales in OCt….OUCH.
But still probably beat the Model 3’s Oct deliveries handily. Lol

And probably the Volt sales too…

Oct. Volt sales = 1,362

That’s doubtful.

I was right yet again! 😀

And and are showing less than 300 remaining in the US. That means Nov and Dec sales could be even worse…

They literally sold all they had left. So “Sold Out” of would be a better descriptor. I would take 80 of them for our Modest sizes Store in Utah, if they existed….

No, just zero production. Just getting rid of gen 1. The factory in Japan is making the new one, video posted in YouTube.

The new leaf should be in showrooms around the 15th Dec here in the UK so would imagine something similar in the US also,

At least it gives people the opportunity to make a purchase before year end with delivery in Jan ?

Norway had more sales, 269!

Yeah but we’re bonkers!

It was a noble effort by Ghossen.
The little car that “could”.
On to the next gen (and active temperature management soon).

Although I am for any electric car, honestly, what does the “new leaf” have over the Bolt at this point? Way less range, no thermal management, and I suspect that GM would win any price war with Nissan.

Good luck with that.

It will be available to everyone outside of the US in plentiful numbers !

By Jan or Feb, it would already have outsold the Bolt Globally.

Might have a more comfortable interior. Comes with CHAdeMO charging which is far more prevalent in some areas. Has a track record of being very reliable (although the Bolt looks like it’s going to be very reliable as well).

Being a boring car which just works is a great feature.

I still think the lack of a battery thermal management system is way overblown, since it keeps the car so much simpler.

GM won’t share it’s goodies nicely and give us a European Bolt in sufficient numbers, so Nissan are going to have a walk in the park.

Try some non-American glasses on for a second and see how things look to you then..! I for one gave lost absolutely all confidence in the Opel Ampera-e. GM doesn’t seem keen to deliver it at all. PSA, Opel’s new owner, hasn’t said anything really affirming about its long term plans for the car. It’s not known what kind of deal exists, so availability and pricing are both highly uncertain. Even if they do deliver to demand in 2019-20, noone knows if that will go on for long, and I’d worry about second-hand value and servicing/parts. In addition, I happen to think there’s a lot more to an EV than range, and the new LEAF beats the Bolt in many areas. It has a much nicer interior. It looks better IMO. The cabin is bigger, and the cargo hold is much bigger when the rear seat is up. Active safety is more advanced on the LEAF. And crucially, it has MUCH better seats and a quieter cabin. The Bolt is quicker and perhaps a more engaging drive, and its range is of course unmatched for the price. Except of course that Ampera-e is not available and both the 60 LEAF… Read more »

New Leaf vs Bolt … For me it’s going to be comfort, ACC and auto-steering. Very important things for a commuter car. The extra range is useless for me since I charge at home or work.

Seems like a mistake to not produce enough last-gen LEAFs to supply the US market the rest of the year.

The discounts would have had to have been so steep that the profit margin would have been non existent,

+ I would imagine they will be getting prepared for the new one and building some stock right out of the gate given the start elsewhere in the world ?

That’s not fading away, that’s falling off a cliff.

Probably be two down months for the LEAF and then when the new one is in it’ll pop back up.

We should have seen this coming when Nissan wanted to talk about their preorders a week ago. They clearly wanted to get some positive news out there with this coming.

Looks like Nissan is turning over a new LEAF.

…Autumn obvious humor dept.

Thank you, thank you very much! ?

Nissan has sold nearly 290,000 Leaf’s and only around 250 are in stock in USA and I believe they have sold everything in EU & Japan as the newer model has been launched.

Leaf is a Legend and I hope the newer model will continue where the earlier model left.

Thanks again Nissan for selling a wonderful car.

I dunno. Seems more like “huhllo again” than goodbye.