Sales of the Audi e-tron and e-tron GT are picking up and if all owners have such a positive view of their cars as Kris Rifa does, then this could be the beginning of a success story. He simply states the e-tron which he owns is the best electric vehicle on the market, at any price point, and he made a video to list his reasons for believing it.

If you don’t have the time to check his video out, we’ll try to condense what he has to say here. Firstly, he admits that when it comes to range, the e-tron is not the best choice on the market, because even though it has a big battery, it is also one of the biggest electron guzzlers out there.

He even says it’s not among the prettiest EVs on the market, although we say it’s not bad looking to begin with (although not particularly special either) and its look is highly dependent on how it is specced.

The main reasons he chose this vehicle over comparable models are the usual reasons why people buy Audis - the design, comfort and the fit and finish. And in these areas, it is hard to disagree with Kris, because apart from the slightly awkward placement of the screens for the optional side mirror-replacing cameras, the e-tron’s interior is quite special.

Kris also argues that other rival, not even the Mercedes-Benz EQC (which we tested and found quite well design and supremely luxurious), can match the Audi’s level of interior quality. And because we found a two areas inside the EQC whose materials and build left a bit to be desired, we have to agree with this conclusion.

Check out the video, because Kris points out additional interesting facts about his car, from an owner’s perspective.


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