The appearance on the scene of the Polestar 2 electric vehicle has really stirred up the compact EV segment. Since it is a practical hatchback, it not only challenges the ubiquitous Tesla Model 3 (a less practical sedan), but also the taller and more practical Model Y, as well as the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Based on the opinions cast by the first reviewers who have had a chance to try the Polestar 2 (and also published their findings), it’s a very solid contender in the segment. Thankfully, one of those first reviewers to try it out on American soil is our own Kyle Conner, who drove it around the crowded streets of New York city where he found it to be a great car to not allow a single gap where people can merge in front of you.

The vehicles tested came both with and without the $5,000 Performance pack on them. Said pack adds gold-finished four-piston Brembo front brake calipers, unique rims shod in upgraded tires (Continental SportContact 6), manually adjustable Öhlins shocks and last (but by no means least) matching gold seatbelts.

Kyle points out that even though literally everyone has branded the Polestar 2 a Model 3 rival, it loses out to the Tesla on performance, acceleration, range and charging speed. And those are all things that really matter when talking about an EV, yet he sees the vehicle as more than just a collection of numbers and the sum of its parts; he argues that even though it’s not class-leading on paper, it is still a thoroughly recommendable car - check out the video to get the complete picture.

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