As Tesla grows and its cars become more popular, more people are becoming familiar with the brand. However, since the Model Y is essentially brand-new, few people have seen it in person. In fact, few people are familiar with the crossover at all.

The opposite is true of the Honda CR-V. Much like the Toyota RAV4, it's a vehicle most people have seen, or are at least somewhat familiar with. For people just getting turned on to Tesla, it's nice to compare its vehicles to current products.

EV Dave puts these two cars next to one another at all the angles so you can see how they stack up. 

Currently, the cheapest Model Y starts at $52,990. It's the dual-motor, Long Range all-wheel-drive variant. The Model Y Performance carries a starting price of $60,990. Later, Tesla will bring less expensive options to market.

The Honda CR-V has a starting MSRP of $25,050. The all-new CR-V Hybrid starts at $27,750. However, in their base configurations, these crossovers don't offer as much as the Model Y. Stepping up to at least the EX trim level (which costs about $2,500 more) adds many niceties.

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