Will the Tesla Model Y save you more money over five years than a luxury midsize hybrid SUV from a traditional automaker? While there are plenty of details to sort out, as well as many contributing factors, we have the answer based on what's known so far.

You may remember we recently feature YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt's cost of ownership comparison between the Tesla Model Y and BMW X3. He previously compared the Model Y to Toyota RAV4. Now, we have a similar effort, but the competition has changed. This time, he pits the Tesla against the Lexus RX Hybrid.

Whether or not you agree with these candidates or the data that's used to come up with the bottom line (depreciation is specifically an unknown early on), it's nice to look at several different vehicles to paint a well-researched picture about the advantages of EVs over traditional cars.

In addition, many people are familiar with vehicles like the RAV4, X3, and RX. They may not be so familiar with the Model Y. So, it's excellent to be able to see how these crossovers compare in metrics like price, energy cost, standard features, etc.

We've included Cleanerwatt's signature comparison charts in the gallery below. Check out the video and the charts. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section. 

Gallery: Tesla Model Y Vs Lexus RX Hybrid Cost Of Ownership

Video Description via Cleanerwatt on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y vs Lexus RX Hybrid SUV: 5 Year Ownership Cost Comparison

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