Will the Tesla Model Y save you more money over five years than a small hybrid SUV from a traditional luxury automaker? There are plenty of details to sort out, but we have the answer.

You may remember not long ago, YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt provided us with a cost of ownership comparison between the Tesla Model Y and Toyota RAV4. Of course, some people complained since these cars are in completely different classes and aren't similarly priced. However, the point was to focus on the RAV4 since it's a top-selling SUV many people are familiar with. Clearly it worked, because the article ended up being incredibly popular on our site.

Fast-forward to the present, and Cleanerwatt made a second attempt at such a comparison, hoping to do a better job of comparing apples to apples. However, this really isn't possible when comparing a gas crossover to and electric crossover. To find two vehicles in the same class with similar sizing and pricing is tough. At any rate, he chose the BMW X3 Hybrid to compare to the Tesla Model Y. 

We've included Cleanerwatt's comparison charts in the gallery below. Check out the video and the charts. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

Gallery: Tesla Model Y Vs BMW X3 Hybrid 5-Year Ownership Cost Comparison

Video Description via Cleanerwatt on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y vs BMW X3 Hybrid: 5 Year Ownership Cost Comparison

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