The Tesla Model Y may be more capable, advanced and expensive than the Hyundai Kona Electric, but the price gap between them is not massive and there's definitely a chance they will be cross-shopped. This comparison will be even more relevant once Tesla officially launches the Model Y Standard Range model in 2021, since its range and price will be directly comparable to the Kona’s.

In this video by Cleanerwatt, the current crop of Model Y and Kona EV variants are analyzed with the all-important "cost per mile of electric range" metric being mentioned right off the bat. And this obviously swings things in the Hyundai’s favor because, in its most basic SEL version, it starts at $37,100 and offers a claimed range of 258 miles.

The cheapest version of the Model Y that you can get right now, the Long Range all-wheel drive model, starts at $52,990 and its claimed range is 316 miles. According to the video, that equates to a cost per mile of range of $144 for the Hyundai and $167 for the Tesla.

There’s no denying that out of the two, the Model Y is the more tempting buy, even with the higher asking price you currently have to pay for one, but the fact that the Kona is mentioned in the same company as Tesla’s new internet-breaking crossover stands testament to how good its electric cars have become.

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