Renault To Ready 4 ZOEs For Autonomous, On-Demand Mobility Service

OCT 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

2017 – Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab

Renault and its partners are launching something called the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab project – an on-demand/mobility service on open roads, complete with five autonomous electric vehicles for public use.

2017 – Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab – Renault ZOE

The idea is to put four autonomous Renault ZOE and one Transdev shuttle in service over three circuits, covering a distance of ten kilometres (6 miles), in Rouen’s Technopole du Madrillet (Saint Etienne du Rouvray) – in France.

Initially, the vehicles will be tested in the real world by developers.  And then after that (hopefully), from spring 2018, an on-demand service will be open to the public for the next two years. Total budget of the project is €11 million.

It’s the first project of its kind for Europe, although the pre-set routes illustrates clear that we are still years away true public autonomy.

“Using a dedicated smartphone application available at each of the seventeen stops on the three routes, passengers will be able to book a ride in real time.

Developing autonomous transport systems requires a number of core competences including dispatch, fleet management, telecommunications, sensors and autonomous driving software, as well as expertise in vehicle manufacturing. Transdev, Groupe Renault, and the metropolis combine all of these competences.

2017 – Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab

The Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab will contribute strongly to the development and use of autonomous vehicles on open roads. Notably, it will:

  • Pilot the management of a fleet of autonomous, electric on-demand vehicles on open roads. Initially the tests will be conducted using vehicles with drivers inside them to take action, if needed. At a later stage, when all the technical solutions have been proven and legal barriers lifted, vehicles requiring no human intervention will be tested.
  • Improve the communication technologies between the autonomous vehicles and from the vehicles to the infrastructure, such as roadside equipment.
  • Test fleet management technologies in terms of real-time vehicle supervision and maintenance.
  • Analyse and continually improve the passenger experience.

A multi-partner project

The Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab was launched by Transdev, one of the world leaders in passenger mobility. Alongside the Métropole Rouen Normandie, it includes key partners and the project marks a major milestone in the deployment of autonomous vehicles in Europe and a key step towards a shared, smarter and more sustainable mobility.

The project reflects the desire of each partner to invest in the mobility of the future, joining forces to offer their specific know-how and innovation capabilities to serve a region which is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable transport solutions. For the Metropolis and the Region, the goal is to offer their citizens a service that is a first in Europe and the first step towards the development of a cutting-edge industrial cluster dedicated to mobility of the future. For groupe Caisse des Dépôts, this experiment brings to life its “Smart City” demonstrators programme launched in November 2016 to support the deployment of innovations in the territories. Transdev, its subsidiary, contributes its expertise in public transport operations including daily management, fleet management and maintenance customer relations and in autonomous transport, notably dispatch, fleet-control-command and embedded software. Groupe Renault brings its expertise in the field of electric vehicles, autonomous driving experience and connected vehicles technologies.

With a budget of 11 million euros, 60% of the project is funded by private investors and 40% by the public sector.”

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As far as I’m concerned, the manufacturers can stick this self driving technology where the sun don’t shine.

I want my vehicles simple, economical and practical. I’m quite happy to do the driving myself for now. Trying to add all this self driving stuff now is just adding to the cost and delaying the release of new vehicles.

Get new vehicles released as soon as possible so there will be more choices at an affordable price. Add the hot technology to later releases when it’s fully baked and ready to come out of the oven.

I am sure you are a perfect driver, but have a look in other cars when you are driving : most people are ALREADY doing many attention consuming activities while driving, for example using a smartphone, even if it is strictly forbidden. So autonomous driving has become a necessity. Furthermore driving hours on the motorway or in a traffic jam is quite boring, so I sincerely doubt that you are really “happy” to drive yourself in such situations.

Alright. Than don’t buy it.

But i am glad that it gets developed. Think about the old people who are than able to be mobile again. Think about the disabelt and the blind.

I work with senior citizens. I never thought about them able to get around better with autonomous driving. Very good thought although it is usually fun to take a senior shopping.