See Rivian R1T Pickup Truck & R1S Electric SUV Side-By-Side


Sibling electric adventure vehicles side-by-side. One is a pickup truck, the other an SUV.

This is likely the first side-by-side sighting of the Rivian R1T pickup truck and R1S electric SUV out in the wild.

Though not especially newsworthy, what we do find interesting in this image is how closely each vehicle resembles the other in this frontal view. In fact, we did a double take, thinking maybe there was a green R1T pickup truck out there now.

The only real giveaway to it not being the electric pickup truck, but rather the R1S SUV is that the interior is clearly more darkened from window tint, the longer roof section and rear glass that’s pushed further back.

Rivian drops a small hint in the embedded tweet below that suggests something more than this image is coming. Possibly some video coming soon? Wouldn’t it be swell if there was some footage of these two out on the slopes behind?

We’ve included the full-size image in addition to the tweet below. Additionally, we grabbed a frontal shot of each vehicle from the LA debut for comparison too. See if you can spot the differences up front.

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You know, I can’t really decide- I’ll just take one of each, thanks.

I think it’s about time to see some pictures of all those promised Rivian charging stations going in.

Standard CCS so EA, EVgo, Chargepoint, etc, etc. I think they only talked about some extra potentially at parks or camping areas? 180 kWh (or 135 kWh) likely wouldn’t need these. Those wanting to do that off-roading should not go for the ‘small’ 105 kWh battery.

I must be missing the entire point of the controversial front styling.


…can kill a company

I’ve seen dozens of pics of these vehicles, and the front end looks like nothing more or less than being weird for the sake of being weird, like a first-gen Leaf on PCP.

I disagree completely. The front ends of these are so much nicer and cleaner than any of the other pickups on the market, which if you look at recent models, they are awful.

The unnecessarily unattractive headlight design just makes any other electric pick-up offering a more harmonious design a better option. This reminds me of bad designs from GM based on ‘focus groups’ or just upper management bean counting, that failed in the market.

Tesla seems to be the only EV maker to get their first designs right like Honda ‘used’ to do with the Accord, year after year, until the latest mistake.

The R1T would look much better with horizontal more rectangular light assembly, with the letters RIVIAN on the long horizontal light bar above.


When these trucks are photographed out in nature, the front end design is right. It looks really attractive in front of those mountains. Clean, not obtrusive like the terrible grilles on other modern pick ups. Walking around the Chicago Auto Show I was noticing just how bad most of the new pickups look. It is like the designer can’t figure out what they want to do with the front of the truck to give it a macho unique look. To be fair, this is definitely marketing towards a different group.

As much as I hate the headlights, every other aspect of that truck tempts me to actually want to own a truck….

Time for Rivian to quit teasing with the photos and the visits to events and start production. What’s the hold up? I’m going to have to read a real driving review before i give them a deposit.

Now, that I had the chance to watch more carefully the cars from the front, they look pretty ugly

The only thing I can actually say that I hate about this truck is the over elongated head lights.
The lack of a 6 foot box irritates me as well, there maybe a ton of cargo/storage space, but if I can’t haul dry wall, then it’s not really worth my time. Also has anyone tested the battery life in northern Alberta winters? Other than those issues, it is a beautiful truck.