Over 500 Tesla Model 3 Were Registered In Norway This Month

FEB 27 2019 BY MARK KANE 43

The number of Model 3 registrations is one of the highest for the month in Norway.

Deliveries of Tesla Model 3 in Norway are already progressing. We don’t know the exact number, but we assume at least double-digit result as Tesla Owners Club Norway reported the first 10 on February 17.

It could be already three-digits, as more than 550 Model 3 were registered this month in Norway, compared to 17 in January. The Nissan LEAF is just slightly above at over 570.

The regular volume deliveries are just starting, but at least taking into consideration the registrations number, Model 3 should be one of the top models in the country (maybe within the top 5).

We are eagerly awaiting final numbers, which will appear in a few days.

Source: Tesla Owners Club Norway

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My sales rep in the US sent me an email saying in-stock Model 3’s have “price adjustments” available. I thought Tesla never gives discounts. Trying to get more details.

Tesla never discounts “new, pristine from the factory” or whatever. “Demos and loaners” get an adjustment for mileage, wear and tear, etc. Sometimes the adjustment is tiny, sometimes quite large. Many of these demos and loaners show “50 miles” on the web site, even fewer on the odometer. They’re just new unsold inventory, of course, and it’s entirely appropriate for Tesla to carry this inventory. But if you use that word around here you better get ready for blowback.

Sorta like how Japan kills hundreds of whales every year for ‘research’ and don’t dare suggesting they’re just whaling.

Already 614 according to elbilstatistikk.no
Actually second to the e-Golf and ahead of the Leaf… I’m curious for the final numbers!

Do you actually mean the so much advertised “tsunami” ends up being behinf the e-Golf and only slightly ahead of the Leaf?

Another Euro point of view

The real “tsunami” will probably take place next month but I would be surprised if we see anything like the sales Model 3 had in the US last year.

I agree Norway is a much smaller country.

Wasn’t it just a year or so ago that Tesla tried to do a big monthly push in Norway with S/X and found out it overwhelmed the port and their dealers? I’d assume logically they’d do a ‘oops’ and now spread that load among mainland Europe ports and Norway rather than try to shove it all down one path. If there’s a backlog of 15,000 orders in Norway (a number pulled straight out of my nether regions), it’s sorta impractical to try to shove 15,000 into the country. There’s some practical limit reached before it does more harm than good and sounds like Norway Tesla service and stores were already stretched pretty thin.

Lets see how it looks over the year and then comment, or at least over a couple quarters. I know they were rushing a bunch to China this month to make sure there wasn’t a tariff increase.

Sure, we need to wait for final numbers for Europe. But it is actually completely the contrary of what many people claimed, saying many ships loaded with Model 3s would submerge Europe from February, and that most (if not all) of the January production was Euro-spec, etc, etc.

It’s nearly the top registered EV this month in Norway and registrations only began halfway through the month, it’s the 4th most registered EV there this year and it’s only been available for a quarter of that time.

That doesn’t seem so bad, so probably best to wait for a full month of availability before poo-pooing it.

Does registered mean sold.

Registered means not only sold, but license tags issued by the State. At least that’s what it means in the USA, and I presume also in Norway.

delivery started at the 17.

Come on, it’s only the first half a month it has been selling in Norway and other countries, only a few days more in the Netherlands. It will take nothing for the Model 3 to beat the actual sales record in a year for a single EV, which is 40.000 for the Leaf in 2018. I suspect it could go well above 100.000 units, doing some quick math with the 3.000 units supposed to arrive every week in Zeebrugge. But I hope Leaf, Zoe, Kona, Niro, i3, e-Golf and all the others increase too 🙂 For example, I think Zoe, especially in the second half of the year, will be ahead of Leaf, also because it will have CCS and Leaf is stuck with CHAdeMO. I don’t think Zoe will be first but 70.000 units should be possible.

Another Euro point of view

I would see around 75k Model 3 sold in Europe this year, in the short term, around 6k in February and 12k in March then progressively sales going down towards the end of the year as better value propositions appear on the horizon (VW Nio/ID for example will make a huge hit in Norway as we refence this market in this article, also Polestar 2).

No, sales will probably go down temporarily in April after two strong months but they will recover again in May and June because of the introduction of the Mid Range, which is significantly cheaper. And remember sales still need to start in UK waiting for RHD version and in all of Eastern Europe. As for the Volkswagen ID Neo: production will start in November, don’t expect huge amounts of deliveries this year, it will have his real impact on the market in January 2020 probably.

At least march I’d is not deal, new delay anounced today

Another Euro point of view

I agree that we won’t likely see large number of VW ID sold before March 2020 but what I mean is that probability is higher for people to opt for a Tesla competitor appearing in a quarter than in a year so people ordering an EV in December 2019 will take cars delivered in March 2020 as a viable option. Moreover, as opposed to the US, Euro car makers only build on order so Euro customers are used to long waiting times. I do not think that any VW ID will be delivered in 2019.

I mostly agree that sales will slump with the appearance of more competitive offerings on the market, but the VW ID probably won’t be produced in enough volume this year to make a difference (sadly, as I’m holding out for one, although a Honda E Prototype with more range would sway me too), and Polestar are aiming for 50k annually currently so even if the demand is there it’ll be supply constrained.

In Spain Tesla has delivered about 200 M3 in February (starting on 12th) and is already EV sales leader.

European sales in a whole month (March, for instance) can be amazing.

Consider that they didn’t start delivering until after half way through the month.

LMFAO at another clown new username desperately trying to spread serial anti-Tesla FUD.

I wonder which existing username troll registered this new username in their lame effort against Tesla?

The Model 3 started registration on February 14. So e-Golf has 14 days head start. I guess March will be even better. They are starting delivery in another location in Oslo, so then they can double the number of cars delivered every day.

Last day of Feb today. I just checked the numbers, and Model 3 is eight units behind the e-Golf with most of the rest of the day still to go. They’re averaging a hundred deliveries per day and haven’t begun yet today, so looking a dead cert to be the best selling car in Norway this month, despite only starting deliveries half way through the month.

Tesla Model 3

I wish they had sent some 30 cars more, which would have resulted in the first place… Just imagine the headlines: Tesla Model 3 best selling car in Norway… Well… I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that. Nonetheless most of the cars in the norwegian top 10 are BEV or PHEV. … Go Norway!

Still half a day to go, they were even with VW earlier, they could easily register more by the end of the day judging from their current rate over the last few days.


Volkswagen Golf: 764
Tesla Model 3: 762

Missing first placei by 2 units? (at what time do registrations close in Norway?)

Tesla M3: 768
Volkswagen Golf: 765

That’s gonna be tight!


For hourly update on Tesla sales in Norway visit Teslastats.no

This website show Tesla has sold almost 100 Model 3 today in Norway and the day is not over.

This is awesome!
But i am one of the many thousands that are actually holding back my order for one reason only: we will order the hitch
As a first day reserver its kind of tough to hold back my and IT makes me sad.
So if anyone can get the word out to Tesla for a response IT would make my day.
Please Elon, you are 99% there. Add the hitch, the car gets more expensive wich is a win for you, and ill order imidiately!

It was mentioned recently that Tesla runs a suggestions email box which they take very seriously with regard to deciding what features to implement. You should send them an email.

Quite true!

or just tweet it to Elon Musk/Tusk and he will make sure it happens.

This is not new, Tesla has known this for many years.

Meanwhile, customers in the “Other Europe” region still can’t even order Model 3.

Norway is already at 682 at the moment. Up until the 27th the number in the Netherlands was 449 units registered.

674 registrations now, only 7 behind eGolf, now at 6pm local time. Sooooooo close!

And the WINNER (as of 20:11:09) is: TESLA MODEL 3 !!!

768 – Tesla Model 3 (BEV)
765 – Volkswagen Golf (BEV)
645 – Nissan Leaf (BEV)
324 – Hyundai Kona (BEV)
317 – BMW I3 (BEV)
282 – Jaguar I-Pace (BEV)
279 – Hyundai Ioniq (BEV)
188 – Renault Zoe (BEV)
137 – Tesla Model X (BEV)
131 – Kia Soul (BEV)
119 – Kia Niro (BEV)
110 – Audi E-tron (BEV)
109 – Nissan E-NV200 (BEV)

LMAO again, TOTAl FAIL by the troll username Fail!!!

Great news another 4000 EVs on the Road. If they use their new Evs in the 20-80% charge range and save 100% charges for trips out of town they might last a lifetime.