Online Dating Site Finds Your Fiat 500e Perfect Match (w/videos)


With the launch of the Fiat 500e looming, the Italian automaker hopes to stir up some passion with its online “dating” site

This, it seems, is where lovers meet.

You can “Find a Match.”

Even “Browse Profiles” and read user “Testimonials.”

But first, you’ll need to fill in a few blanks so that EnvironmentallySexy can find your perfect match.

In reality, it’s not a dating site.  It’s more like a “Which Fiat 500e is right for me?” site.

But Fiat’s sure being creative here and it’s fun to tinker around with.

So, head over to and give it a shot.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find your perfect match, just like those in the videos below did.

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Funny ads, but isn’t it a little strange they spent this much effort to market a car that is already sold out?

They have now officially spend more money marketing the 500e than Tesla has spend on (conventional) marketing the Model S.

Another manufacturer playing the environmental card… They will sell this car DESPITE this ads, not because of them.

If anything I think these ads will hurt sales.

Give me a break! Who thinks polar bears sell cars? Cars are a phallic symbol and not much more.

MOD EDIT: Added this for you Warren!

The polar bears will do what they have done before, bred with grizzlies. We need to get rid of cars to save ourselves, and civilization.

I *LOVED* that polar bear…

These are great. Not for TV, ideal for the net. Marketing is changing before our eyes.

I dunno… A Fiat 500 anything, is a pretty *tiny* phallic object. 😉

Those ads cracked me up. I’m not in the market for a new car, but if I were, an electric would be on the list. Does this mean I would also get a hot girl? Before or after I got the car?