Jaguar I-Pace Sales Skyrocket In U.S., But What’s A Stable Monthly Rate?

DEC 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 71

Jaguar put first 170 I-PACE on the road in the U.S. now.

Jaguar delivered a substantial number of the all-new I-PACE in the U.S. in November (first full month of deliveries) – 165, compared to just the first five in October.

Sure, it’s not groundbreaking for a market of 40,000+ sales a month, but it’s important for the premium segment and especially for Jaguar, as the I-PACE accounts for almost 5.2% of total sales volume (3,197) for the brand in the U.S.

Jaguar I-PACE sales in U.S. – November 2018

Is that the start of an exponential growth curve we see there?

Surely, I-Pace sales will increase even more in the coming months, but what level sales stabilize at is anyone’s guess right now. So, start guessing.

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In three, at most five years, this car will outsell all ICE Jags in the US, and indeed elsewhere. Jag are talking about going all electric, as a brand. It’s their best, and probably only, hope I believe.

I’m glad to hear that it is selling. The more EVs out there, the better off all are.

Fiskers sold also. So did Coda and Think. A few hundred or a couple thousand cars change the world not. The formula has never changed – build a helluva lot of cars to bring costs down. Same thing is holding back solar homes. ZEV credits and playing compliance rules is the world of ICE OEMs. Today, there is one electric car company that is barely afloat that has the promise of changing the world. My only other hope today is that Volkswagen will follow through on at least half of their promises to build lots and lots of EVs. It’s a tenuous hope. VW is still showing good profits selling the same garbage everyone else is selling. Surely they hope the public quickly forgets and forgives Dieselgate lies and moves on. History if human behaviour suggests maybe a three to five year window where VW will suffer sales loss before everyone moves on. Thus, a shakey case for them to deviate from their rivals and focus much on EVs. Tesla is barely hanging on. Musk admitted to days in the single digits from Tesla’s complete collapse as recently as May. Unless someone buys Tesla that is committed to their cause,… Read more »

Sometimes, the people who have the least to add say the most.

You’ve got something up until your final paragraph. Your tense is incorrect for “Tesla is barely hanging on.” It should have said “Tesla barely hung on in May.” They are now well past that point – they’ve been producing and selling large volumes of the Model 3 profitably since June – for six straight months at this point.

Also, you exaggerate on how close Tesla came to collapse. They were single digit weeks (IE, 9 weeks = 63 days, about two months) from running out of money at the rate they were losing it during May. But if things hadn’t come together, and Model 3 production had remained low, they could have done another capital raise.

Tesla has come much closer to death previously. I want to say New Years Eve, 2010 they came within hours of a financing round falling through and the company going bankrupt. I might be off on the year, but I’m pretty sure it was New Years Eve.

Anyways, Musk said that they’re never going to come that close to death again. Expect them to apply lessons learned and ramp the Model Y to profitability even quicker than they did with the Model 3.

“Tesla is barely hanging on. Musk admitted to days in the single digits from Tesla’s complete collapse as recently as May.”

Dude! Didn’t you get the memo? Tesla won. You serial Tesla bashers lost. Tesla is now solidly profitable. Get over it.

Elon was being a drama queen about Tesla supposedly coming close to collapse recently, contrary to the reality that its financials are quite solid (that is, assets appreciating faster than debt increases). It may suit your Tesla bashing to repeat Elon’s rather wild exaggeration, but repeating it doesn’t make it any more true.

And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

Let’s sell some more! I enjoy some more fresh breathing air!

Nice story James-

But just because you tell a great story doesn’t make any of it true.

Volume is for sure very important. Tesla has made it now, with the Model 3. That is how they can make enough money to pay for more expansion. Even one car model in volume is not enough to ensure a healthy economy, (if they want to spend money on several models and vehicle types, to expand their product range to grow and/or for security/divercify sales). This is where Model Y comes is. Based (supposedly) on Model 3, development costs will be much cheaper – and mass production will be more or less a continuation of what they already know and have learned the hard way with Model 3. Think . . they were never funded enough to get into advanced volume production. The most advanced about that production was actually the production of the cars plastic body parts. The rest of the production was extremly labour intensive, small scale production with very low degree of automation. Add the lack of funds for the development of their new vehicle models (which would have been in another class, compared to the one they made), and the lack of proper batteries. They did not use lithium batteries. You can now buy a Think… Read more »

Tesla sold 18,650 Model 3 for November 2018. If you make a couple of assumptions: avg sale price of $40K with 20% margins (this is for illustrative purposes):

40K times 18,650 is $746 million in revenues

@ 20% margins, that would be $149,200,000 in “gross profit”.

That is for just for Model 3 for the month of November. Someone (like James) needs to get his or her out of the sand and face reality.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Tesla was less than a quarter from collapse because they had a lot of liabilities due for cars that they couldn’t build or deliver. You can’t pay the bills if you don’t have an income and your savings are running out.

Tesla is past the hanging-on point. It now probably has 9 months of high-margin vehicle backlog (Europe, Asia, RHD Europe/Asia coming) while it works on production efficiencies that can allow it to deliver the SR profitably, and the other vehicles more profitably.

VW won’t have a problem as long as it delivers good EVs. People don’t care enough to stop buying them. It still has waiting lists in European countries for its PEVs.

“You can’t pay the bills if you don’t have an income and your savings are running out.“

Dude, you are clueless. You pay bills from cash flow (and sources of liquidity) not income. That is why the auditors per Regulation SX has to provide 3 financial statements (for the investors): Income, Financial Condition (commonly known as the Balance Sheet) and Cash Flow.

Separately, companies in bankruptcy protection stay in business for years despite losing money (negative income) because they are Cash Flow positive.

Lastly, certain line items that result in a negative income (or losses) are NON-CASH in nature.

This is an interesting question Sure, it’s not groundbreaking for a market of 40,000+ sales a month, but it’s important for the premium segment and especially for Jaguar If Jaguar is intending to compete with the Model 3 in volume terms then it isn’t very much at all. I don’t think JLR ever intended for the I-Pace to ship in the sort of volumes that the Model 3 is. That isn’t in their DNA to ship those sort of numbers. They never have at any time in their history since they started making Swallow Sidecars. As every I-Pace is built to order (like the Model 3) I don’t think JLR is worrying too much. AFAIK, they have most of the CY2019 production already sold. IMHO, their next challenge is to do four things 1) Bring production back from Austria to Solihull or Coventry 2) Improve the efficiency (A lot) 3) Get the Electric F-Pace right and incorporate all the learnings from the I-Pace from day 1 4) Show off their Electric Sports Car at next years LA Motor Show. This will (hopefully) convince people that the Jaguar part of JLR is really, really serious about going all Electric sooner rather… Read more »

“1) Bring production back from Austria to Solihull or Coventry”

Why should they? With possibility of hard Brexit…

Brexit has basically been called off. Over the next weeks Britain will revoke article 50y

We can hope, but its not a done deal yet. The chance of a second referendum is still small, sadly.

There won’t be a second referendum. What would be the point. The result would be another roughly 50/50 outcome. Simply retracting article 50 doesn’t require anything on any side. It could be done with a simple phone call and it won’t have any repercussions.

Oh, I would bet money that a second referendum would have a different outcome. The first was subjected to high intensity Russian information warfare — like a propaganda campaign on steroids. Now that this influence is recognized, it would have far less effect a second time around.

Those supporting a Brexit can’t agree on whether it should be “hard” or “soft”, while those opposed to it appear united. I think it’s only a matter of time until the opposition to Brexit wins. Even if some form of Brexit goes thru in the near term, I expect that over time, the UK will gradually creep back into the fold of the EU. Well, as far in as it ever was. For example, the UK never did adopt the Euro, so it never did have both feet fully inside the EU.

The outcome was 51.9% to 48.1% in favour of leave. The result today would be similar maybe with the numbers reversed. Things of that scale should normally be done with a 2/3 threshold but I’m not going to tell them how to run their country.

Hard and soft was always just nonsense. Just as it was nonsense that there would be any sort of outcome that would leave Britain better of than before. The truth is that no one on any side ever expected the referendum to swing in favour of leave.

“I’m not going to tell them how to run their country into the ground.”


Completely agree on that. That’s what catalonian law requires for a catalonia vote on independance. It’s obvious that any 50/50 vote can change depending on circumstances.
That said I doubt it would change the vote. Now people would have to chose exactly what they vote for, and I’m pretty sure a lot of soft brexit hardened because of the narrative of the remainers, and people are just fed up with that story.

Many Brits had several issues with the EU. They feel it is undemocratic, and they want to control their own borders. Fishing quotas was given to Spain for example, leaving UK fishers without a job. They had workers coming from parts of Europe with lower wages, taking a lof of jobs (that only low income workers felt). It’s not like the huge bank sector in London felt the outsourcing of jobs, or employers hireing cheaper workers. They had people moving in to the UK to use the welfare system there – since it was a lot better then where they lived. The UK had also paid for road and infrastructure projects in the PIIGs countries. Just look at the road standard change for Spain, Portugal and so on – mostly paid for by EU infrastructure funds. I think the UK had lots of advantages and disadvantages by being an EU member. There will for sure be problems leaving, but they may end up OK in the end. Nick Farage is allway entertaining to listen to: And some of what he says is real problems for people living in the UK. It is hard to leave, when they have been… Read more »

Why would fishing quotas be any factor? UK fishers fish mainly around UK and Spanish fishers around Spain.

Spain mostly indebted itself without the direct help of the EU.
I see one problem of leaving. If they want to sell into the EU market, they will have to follow EU rules anyway without the bonus of being able to vote and decide the EU rules.
Not that smart.

It would be rejected today I think. Most everyone expected it to win (like H.C.) and many didn’t vote. It was nonbinding anyway and the willingness of parliament to go along with it is a result of a lack of character and wisdom. One can hope that they come to their senses at the eleventh hour and cancel it (Brexit). We’ll know soon.

The turnout was over 70%. That is huge.

Participation has been massive, and it was totally binding, what are you talking about ?

It was an advisory referendum. Parliament isn’t bound to uphold it.

They can’t cancel Brexit without unanimous agreement from all EU members

I-Pace VINs start with S, so something is happening in Britain.

Calling the model 3 – build to order is a stretch. It’s more build to order than a traditional car manufacture, but I guarantee Tesla is pumping out vehicles that don’t have a name attached. Otherwise Tesla wouldn’t be able to have local buying events if they were build to order.

Not so. Those could be vehicles where delivery fell through. Car showed up at the store but the customer wasn’t able to pick it up because they were away on vacation, for example. Tesla will hold it for a few days, but if it’s more than that, they’ll tell you nevermind, just sell it to someone else, and put your order back in the queue to be delivered later.

Or maybe financing falls through. The customer couldn’t get approved for the loan, so Tesla just cancels that order and sells the car to someone else.

Those scenarios account for at least some of those cars at the local buying events.

With Model 3 volumes and shrunk ala carte offerings, it almost makes no sense for production to tailor output anymore. Tesla is in a radically different place, than a year+ ago. I’m not surprised the feeling of “ordering” is something they want to preserve, but what are the odds they don’t “run a few more silvers”, etc., etc.

I really don’t get why serial Tesla bashers try to make so much out of the very small percentage of cars that Tesla makes in excess of orders. Most of those get assigned to be demo models or service loaners, but Tesla is ready to sell most of them at any time.

So what? The Tesla bashers try hard to insinuate that this is a sign that Tesla will transition to a normal dealership model, where unsold automobiles pile up on acres and acres of dealership lots, in the hope that they will eventually find a buyer.

But Tesla has a better business model, cutting out the middleman and significantly reducing the inventory on which taxes would have to be paid, either by Tesla or by a dealership.

Tesla would have to be pretty stupid to give up all those advantages, and transition to a traditional dealership model.

Personally, I don’t think Tesla will suddenly become stupid.

Go Tesla! Keep going Tesla!

“I really don’t get why serial Tesla bashers try to make so much out of the very small percentage of cars that Tesla makes in excess of orders. ”

Because they’ve got very little to point up as potential issues any more, so they’ll take whatever they can get.
Slim pickins ……

Once the word spread that ipace drivers wait an hour for some fool(s) trying to charge to 100% using DCFC after it’s tapered to hell, the demand will dive.

99% of your comments seem to involve waiting on DCFC chargers and rants about free charging, slow charging, etc. Ha ha. What happened BoltEV? I miss the mojo of your earlier SparkEV comments when you used to comment on the high C rates of your little car.

Skyrocket in the title suggests phenomenal sales, lol. A buck sixty isn’t yet a ripple. Try and use words like skyrocket when sales reach at least a decent percentage of luxury car sales. I-Pace, e-Tron and Mercedes EQ are placeholder compliance cars. Why EV websites try to get us fired up over 100 or 1,000 sales is beyond me. Bolt EV a great example. Who gives a care unless GM markets it and sells over 5,000 per month? Meeting regulations whilst trying to break down those same regulations is a bad joke. Jaguar is an Indian company that has a poor proven reliability record. In this heated world of extreme competition in the automotive sector, Jaguar Land Rover should go all electric faster than anyone would dream. It may be their only chance As Chinese-funded competitors like Volvo are eating their lunch. The best way to beat your competitors is to innovate and capture their customers with a new thing they don’t have. While Jaguar’s competitors are happily chugging on building SUVs and sedans the old way, they need be pouring their efforts into obtaining access to batteries and building a whole helluva lot more 250 mile BEVs to bring… Read more »

How can the I-Pace be a compliance car?
It is being sold and delivered in more countries than the Model 3 is today.
Jaguar has never been in the large volume business of car production. They occupy the middle ground between Volume makers (such as Tesla is now) and ultra niche like Ferrari, Rolls Royce etc.
Other sites have reported that Jaguar (or Magna) is scaling up to ship 2000/month. While it is being shipped to many countries it can’t be called a compliance car. The volumes are radically different from Tesla and its Model 3 but once again in terms of Jaguar historically, this is pretty good.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Jaguar Land Rover global sales were 604,009 in 2017.
24,000/604009 = 3.97345%

In CARB states, even at 4 credits per BEV, proportionally, that wouldn’t be enough to meet 2023 requirements with current sales.
20% of its sales are in China.
China has 6 credits for a long-range BEV, but will have higher credit percentage required. It’s CARB ZEV dressed up to be bigger.

So, like everybody else, JLR needs BEVs for compliance.

But personally, I wouldn’t judge it yet. Their ICEVs suck, so they do have reason to pursue EVs. And it’s their first EV, so I’d give them a chance first.

Skyrocket is about the rate of change.
Skyrocket definition — “(of a price, rate, or amount) increase very steeply or rapidly.”

So the term applies here.
It seems a bit lazy that you didn’t bother to look up the definition of the word “skyrocket” before you posted.

You obviously don’t know the definition of the term “compliance car” either.

If you think the I-Pace is a compliance car, then you don’t know what a “compliance car” is. 🙄

160 a month is really not that high. Considering that only about 20-30K will be produced, we shouldn’t expect annual sales in the U.S. to exceed 10000. Any number is good, but it is not going to make a big difference among 400,000 annual EV sales.

The I-Pace sold around 2000 cars in Europe in November.

Actually 2 data points is a line. Honestly, both months are not normal. I would suspect we have to wait until 4-5 months at least as any new thing should outsell it’s stable sales numbers. We all know they have to get past the initial new hotness.

The same could be said about model 3 sales. Until initial demand is met we have no idea what the sustained demand is.

Though I think statisticians out there would say we have a clue.
Btw here is an interesting question how many people that have books on statistics actually read them?


More like 68. 26%

What makes it difficult is two things. Not knowing the current reservation count, and the fact that 4 of the top 6 models traded in for a Model 3 were not even premium vehicles.

So there may be a fair percentage of Model 3 owners that either plan on keeping it for a long time; and also owners that went beyond there normal car budget as a one-off. Maybe not quite a dream car, but along those lines. And there is anecdotal evidence of keeping the Model 3 for a long time — an owner said this in an interview.

1000 I-Paces have already been sold to Dutch customers and one Norwegian Dealer had 65 I-Paces on its lot waiting for customers to collect.
Of the 1500 -2000 per month that are being built the lions share (cough!) is going to Europe……. during the ramp up.
Plus I think Europe is more comfortable with build to order, I think most €80k-€100k cars are ordered and then built here (taking 4-9 months) – nobody expects to buy a car like this off a lot.
BTW all 2019 allocation is sold (in Europe) so I think Jaguar are looking at ways to up production for 2020.

This is about 10% of the F-Pace sales figure for the same month or 5% of sales since the iPace came out. It is doing about 51% of the F-Type sales despite being $10k higher than the base price. If they can maintain 160-180 per month, then Jaguar will have a more successful model than their F-Type (and this probably makes sense).
This, for Jaguar, is a significant win. Just remember, 165 / month represents 5% of their sales in the USA. If this is a trend and not steady-state for the model, they will see increased revenue as a business and may actually move to all-electric. Good job, Tata Motors!

F type is much more expensive. I would love so much an electric F type.

1k a month within 6 months. I think initially they were talking about 20k a year, but I doubt if they will reach that in 2019, and further out is merely a guess. Now that there a few copies out there they can start to address, or at least try to address, some the deficiencies of the vehicle. Personally I don’t think they are in any big hurry to produce large numbers of them.

20k/yr in the US? or overall? I don’t see them selling 20k in the US next year, or possibly ever.

No, globally

Hopefully the situation will improve, but in my area (western NY State), there was only an I-pace to LOOK AT, not to buy. They would have sold some here if available – so I guess it depends how many Jaguar orders from Magna International.

I hope this is the Jaguar ICE killer ,Too many Tesla killers not enough ICE Killers

Why would it have to a “Jaguar ICE killer”, why not just take some sales from ICE regardless of what company manufacturers them.
It is not like all Jaguar sales come from loyal Jaguar owners.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I think they meant the ICE killer from Jaguar, not the killer of Jaguar ICEs.

We have yet to see a Tesla killer. Web sites should give up on the term.

Yup. In a perfect world, we’d never again see that wildly and enormously overused term. Sadly, it seems to attract far too many clicks on headlines for online news editors to forego its use. 🙁

Pathetic numbers..

Which makes it the #7 best selling BEV in November.

Which, of course, is depressing.

So it’s 165:40 for Austria vs. USA. 😉

(Tesla sold 40 in Austria in November and the iPace is Made in Austria. (Whatever the VIN may say.))

We just took delivery of our I-Pace November 10th and we love this car so far. Our first BEV so still figuring out the best way to live with that. Biggest problem is lack of charging infrastructure in Missouri but it is improving slowly. We are committed to getting off fossil fuel so have to just deal with issues as they arise.

JLR is dragging Tata Motors into deep financial trouble, they need this car to succeed or else. Today their credit rating was downgraded again (AutoNews). I don’t think 20,000 units/year is enough.

The J bit is, but the LR bit is doing very well.

They delivered 607 in the Netherlands in November. I don’t know avout Norway and UK but for sure they are getting a good ammount also. My guess is that the I-Pace production is now over 2000 per month so the 20.000/year initial production plan will be easily overtaken.

Skyrocket? Really? C’mon guys 🙂

I hope the car is really successful, but let’s wait until we see some real numbers before commenting on sales trends.

I believe that is the delivery to dealers for demo. Not for customers.
As of Jan 9, 2019, there is 0 review from any actual customer on youtube.