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As the world slowly transitions to vehicle electrification, one country continues to sprint ahead. According to Quartz, “Half of all passenger cars sold in Norway [in 2018] were either all-electric or plug-in hybrids — a global record, according to the Norwegian Road Federation.”

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Above: Citizens of Norway are proud of the country’s rapid transition to electric vehicles (Image: The Detroit Bureau)

EV growth has been remarkable in Norway. It’s reported that, “In 2013, only 6% of the cars sold in the country were all-electric or plug-in hybrids. By 2017, the year for which the most recent data is available for a majority of countries, that number had surged to 39%, making Norway the top-ranked country for electric-car sales. In second place was Iceland, where electric-car sales made up 12% of all cars sold that year, followed by Sweden, at 6%, according to the International Energy Agency.”

It’s not surprising electric vehicles are so popular in Norway. According to Reuters, “Norway exempts new electric cars from almost all taxes and grants perks that can be worth thousands of dollars a year in terms of free or subsidized parking, re-charging and use of toll roads, ferries and tunnels. It also generates almost all its electricity from hydropower, so the shift helps to reduce air pollution and climate change.”

“No one else is close” in terms of a national share of electric cars, Norwegian Road Federation chief Oeyvind Solberg Thorsen told Reuters. “For the first time we have a fossil-fuel market share below 50 percent.”

“It should always be cheaper to have a zero emissions car than a regular car,” adds Climate and Environment Minister Ola Elvestuen, who helped push through a commitment to have only zero-emissions cars sold in Norway by 2025. The plan supports Norway’s CO2 reduction targets under the 2015 Paris climate accord, reports the Associated Press.

Above: In eight years, electrified car sales skyrocketed to 50% of all car sales (Chart: Quartz)

Norway’s focus on vehicle electrification has proven beneficial for companies like Tesla.  “Buying a Tesla Model X is not much more expensive than buying a standard premium Volvo because gasoline cars are taxed heavily. That is also the reason Teslas sell well,” says Christina Bu, General Secretary of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

In Norway, “Some 36 percent of all new cars sold are SUVs, which provide safety in the country’s tough winters. Tesla’s SUV, the Model X – the motor of choice for well-to-do environmentally-minded Norwegians – costs around 900,000 Norwegian kronor ($106,000)… [and] To date, with its longer battery life, Tesla has dominated the upmarket family car space for electric vehicles.”

In contrast, “The premium gas-powered Volvo XC90 SUV, for example, starts at 919,000 kroner ($107,100) in Norway compared with $47,700 in the U.S.”

So is Tesla leading electric car sales in Norway? Well… not yet. According to InsideEVs, Nissan’s LEAF wins the #1 spot with 12,303 (8.3% of total volume). Meanwhile, #2 was VW’s Golf with 9,859 (including the company’s e-Golf). Next up, #3 and #4 were higher-end electric cars, the BMW i3 (5,687) and Tesla Model X (4,981), which round out the country’s “unusual” top four in 2018.

Source: InsideEVs via Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

That said, Tesla had another (albeit different) win in Norway. Electrek reports that, “Norway has historically been Tesla’s biggest market in Europe.” And now, “Avis [just] took delivery of a fleet of around 280 Tesla vehicles.” A good sign for the Silicon Valley automaker. And with its European Model 3 launch imminent, Tesla remains poised for a significant Norway sales spike soon.

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BEV sales in Norway are hugely affected by poor supply, and few options. 2019 will surely be another record year, mostly due to Tesla Model 3.
And if Tesla offer the hitch option sales will skyrocket

“It’s not surprising electric vehicles are so popular in Norway.”…..

…..Ya left out that Norway is the poster child for ‘peak oil’ (a.k.a. peak cheap oil) — which provided a huge income ramp for the country through the 90’s, peaked in 2001 and has declined by about 1/2 since then.

/not to mention that Norway was a battleground during WWII (occupied 1940-1945) — a war which was a ‘resource war’ — oil being at the top of that list.

The only resource the Germans wanted during WWII was heavy water (for the German atomic bomb). They lacked that, (and industrial diamonds). Norway blew the heavy water factory in the air, to prevent them from getting it.
Oil was discovered in 1976 or something. .
As for peak oil. . Depends a lot in which area the government allows drilling.
There are a lot of oil still, but they only extract oil on the richest fields. If price goes up, they will start to extract oil from less rich oil fields.
Prices to drill has gone down a lot, due to automation. Still, the oil price decides where they will drill. I’d say 50 years, or maybe even longer – if oil and gas usage goes down.
There are oil rich areas where it is illegal to extract oil.

Also. . the Germans wanted to secure steel shipments from Kirruna in Sweden, through Norwegian ports.

You’re both wrong. Securing the iron supply, as well as military geopolitical considerations, was the primary motivator. There was no known oil deposits in Norway during WW2, and heavy water could’ve been produced in Germany, it just happened to be that Norway had a heavy water plant which was useful to the Germans.

In California Toyota Prius Prime is one of the top plug in hybrid cars sold. It is not even on the list for Norway. I wonder why

maybe incentives are not as good as for fully electric vehicle

Maybe because the Prius in any form is and always has been selling in horrible numbers in Europe. There has never been any demand for it.

A plugin Auris, C-HR, RAV4 or Yaris on the other hand would sell well in Norway.

Is it even sold in Norway?

Nice cars, I suspect they are not sold in all market areas.

it’s no surprise Electric cars are popular in Norway, yes they have incentives but they also earn a lot of money, maybe the #1 highest average wage in Europe, it’s simple as that…

lets be honest, main business of the country is oil with little over 50% a lil bit ot hypocrisy

Along with having one of the highest income rates per capita ,… Norway has some of the best ‘EV incentives” in the world — it could be argued that these incentives are largely ‘paid’ with income from oil.

/Norway’s manufacturing sector and ‘strong’ welfare system are also oil dependent.

Saudi Arabia. Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen all produce large quantities of oil unfortunately they prefer to spend money on weapons, yachts and palaces rather than there citizens, education and the future.
Norwalk is spending there oil money wisely and for the benefits of all it’s citizens not just the 1%.

Saudi Arabia IS a welfare state. They most certainly do hand out oil money to the Kingdom’s population.

The young prince has a huge program in place to shift their dependence off of oil.

Yeah rather than having there citizens work for a living they bring in foreign labor. The day of reckoning is quickly approaching and unlike Norway there is no game plan.
Possibly one good outcome without money to buy advanced weapons they’ll have to do it like the old days. Riding a camel and carrying a sword.

Well Norway has a population of 5 million. California has more EV’s but a population of 40+ million. California has 5.83% EV’s as of December 2018.

The fossil fuel market share was 68,8%…so still a fare way to go until it reaches the majority of sales. But maybe next year it will happen, or most definitely in 2020

Fossil fuel market share was 68.8% of what.

Of new car sales…

Interesting article, I thought Tesla Sales were down 40% in Norway last year. They cannot get their cars fixed or repaired and it is hurting sales. Hopefully the Model 3 will sale better, and be better built too. we need all brands to sell Millions of EVs if we are going to stop burning fossil fuels. Is this article meant to be a Tesla Promo?