Nissan Sold Over 3,700 LEAFs In Japan – February 2018


For the second month in a row, Nissan managed to deliver more than 3,700 new LEAFs to customers in Japan.

LEAF was  the#26 best selling model (including ICE) in February with 3,720 sales, just below the 3,768 record from January.

Growth year-over-year amounted to 117%, and after just two months the YTD tally stands at 7,488 (44% of the entire 2017 result).

The new LEAF has been available in Japan for five full months – and sales over that period reached 15,335 – not much more is needed to exceed the 12-month result of 2017 (16,925).

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As nearly 97,000 LEAFs have been sold in Japan since its December 2010 introduction, the cumulative result of 100,000 is now just around the corner.


Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – February 2018

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – February 2018

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Globally, does this make the Leaf the best selling EV?

Nope. That would be the BAIC EC-series, selling over 10k units per month.

Global sales figures for the Leaf should be close to 10,000. If Japan continues on a steady sales number and Norway’s sales continue to grow rapidly, as well as the other major European markets having their first full month of sales, then 10,000 plus sales is easily obtainable. The Leaf, after only 7 days on sale this month, has already sold 396 in Norway. Giving it a projection of about 1700 sales. Add all the deliveries in the UK, Germany, France etc of previously ordered vehicles and 10,000 sales just in Europe and Japan for the month of March is a possibility.

Not yet.

Europe and USA are not in full selling. The first cars are for dealers only. Clients just barely began receiving their orders

Monthly Nissan Leaf sales numbers in Japan will increase as the year progresses.

If they can put out 3000/month in Europe and 3000/month in US Nissan could sell 120.000 LEAFs…