Nissan Reveals LEAF Convertible – It Sure Is Ugly


Thankfully, it will remain purely as a one-off affair.

Well, it’s safe to say no one saw this coming. As real as yesterday’s weird Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck, the Nissan Leaf Open Car is what happens when you take the electric five-door hatchback and chop off its roof along with the rear doors. Why in the world would Nissan do such a thing? To celebrate a pretty important sales milestone at home in Japan where deliveries of the pure electric hatch have reached the nice round number of 100,000.

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Brought to you by the same company behind the hugely controversial Murano CrossCabriolet, the droptop Leaf made its debut today in Tokyo where approximately 100 people got together to talk about setting up a “zero-emissions society.” Nissan is being coy on details regarding the targa-styled roof (if it even has one) and about the other changes the hatchback has gone through to become a topless EV.

We do know it will strictly remain a one-off concept as Nissan mentions it does not have any plans of turning the droptop Leaf into a production model – not that people would rush into a dealer to get one anyway…

Aside from being a production hatchback and a conceptual cabriolet, the Leaf is also a sedan (to some extent) when you take into account China is getting a Sylphy Zero Emissions with the Leaf’s guts. It was unveiled exactly a month ago at the Beijing Motor Show as Nissan’s first electric car made in China for China.

Sooner or later, the Leaf will also have a crossover counterpart in the form of a road-going version of the IMx Kuro concept. An exact date hasn’t been provided by the company regarding the model’s market launch, but we do know it will be out “in a few years.”

Press blast below:

Nissan debuts open-air version of the new Nissan LEAF

LEAF Open Car makes its first appearance at Tokyo forum on zero-emission society

TOKYO (May 25, 2018) – Nissan showed the Nissan LEAF Open Car, an open-air version of the new Nissan LEAF, in Tokyo today.

The 100% electric car was displayed at a forum to celebrate the milestone of 100,000 sales of the Nissan LEAF in Japan since the model was first introduced in 2010.

About 100 people, including local and prefectural government officials and company executives, participated in the forum to discuss the creation of a “zero-emission society.”

The new generation of the Nissan LEAF debuted in October 2017, featuring improved range and advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies such as e-Pedal, the ProPILOT driver assistance system and ProPILOT Park. There are currently no production plans for the LEAF Open Car.

Source: Nissan

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Good god. And I thought the Murano convertible was ugly.

100% disagree.
This looks very attractive.
Do you sell a competing product or something?
Do you fear lost sales somehow?

Certainly better looking the those ugly Jeeps.
And a much nicer ride.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The VW Rabbit convertible sold well. I’m sure there are plenty of sun worshipers out there that would like a convertible Leaf.

The VW Rabbit was a great rag top, especially if you threw in some SLA batteries and a Motor / controller back in the mid eighties, and let the sun shine in!

Venice Beach, California was an early adopter haven.

OH MY… The is going to be a tough sell..


Source is Nissan. The press release is copied into the bottom of the post.

No link=no source. Not cited.

We had the entire press release copied in from Motor1. It was covered by about 20 other sites and none had the press release or the link. We couldn’t reach the writer. It turns out it came directly from Nissan Global.

But, they really need to fix their battery cooling solution.
Nissan is the ONLY manufacturer to experience battery issues.
I’d wait for the 2019’s with their better battery cooling solution to pull the trigger.
I’m really burned up Nissan hasn’t fixed this issue yesterday.


“Nissan is the ONLY manufacturer to experience battery issues”
Sure, if you think there are only 2 ev car manufacturers on the market: Tesla and Nissan.

My 2015 S has 600 QCs in 100 degree California heat.

Today’s SOH is 88%. No problem here, though of course for some reason the 2014-2015s have the best chemistry .

Will never make it into the US – can’t see out the back of the car with the rear view mirror. Good God what where they thinking…

It’s a design exercise, something to let their designers have a bit of fun and get some free attention on sites like this.

It will never go into production. Move along.

Dear Tesla, please make a convertible Model 3, so I can undo the terrible trauma of seeing this Nissan atrocity.

Some things (this latest Nissan “atrocity”) unfortunately you just can’t un-see!

The coming Tesla rag top “TM3 RT”, should hopefully ease your “terrible trauma”!

Good thinking on part of Nissan. Yes there are so many who would like to buy a convertible electric car and take it to beaches especially in a warmer place like California. But then the beaches should have fast chargers so that they can drive back home.

Does this mean some network is thinking of bringing back Fantasy Island?! LOL

Gosh… how to NOT make a car! Any car. What’s that wall at the back?!