Nissan LEAF Sales Increase In September 2018


Steady is how LEAF sales have rolled all year, but finally, we see a significant uptick.

September 2018 is shaping up to be the strongest sales months in U.S. history (thanks largely to what we estimate as an unprecedented surge for the Tesla Model 3) the same surge is not there for the Nissan LEAF, but at least some decent progress has been made in September.

With 1,563 LEAFs sold in September, up from the 1,315 LEAFs sold in August, and an improvement over the sales we noted of 1,149 LEAFs sold in July, it seems the LEAF is finally climbing the U.S. sales chart. The 1,563 sold in September is just south of the YTD monthly high for the LEAF, too. Nissan sold 1,576 LEAFs this May.

In the month-over-month area, sales are obviously up compared to August and year-over-year sales (September 2017 compared to September 2018 show a rise of 48.2% too) but in the calendar-year-to-date category, sales of the LEAF are down by 0.5%

YTD LEAF sales have now reached 10,686 units in the U.S., compared to 10,740 at this point in time last year.

Is the new LEAF finally on the move upwards? Will this rising trend hold? Only time will tell.

2018 Nissan LEAF
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Gabriel Rheault

I’m sure the discounted 2018 leaf and the fact that they actually had it in stock help to boost sales a bit :p


It’s a miracle that they almost matched last years YTD sales.
I think the Leaf sales will continue to be unimpressive.


Should I feed the troll?

Nah. Not worth it 🙂


It’s the iron fist sans velvet glove.


Well, facts are facts.
I’ve 2013, 2015, 2017 Leafs. The current 2018 deals are NOT as good as what I got.
So yes, it is somewhat surprising that sales are good. It shows that folks care about range.

The thinking that most folks drive < 30mi each way, therefore, a basic BEV with 80 mile range will suffice is not valid. The 2013 Leaf with 85 rated miles drops with age, heating/cooling and freeway speeds, to the point that such trips are now iffy. So when the 150 mile 2018 Leaf came out, even without TMS, it is a more compelling vehicle. Folks want a buffer and not drive home at —% on the display.

Also a lot of 2018 Leafs (at least in NorCal) appear to be sold to rideshare operators. Annoying to see them hogging DCFC stations with their free charge cards. Most of the stations here have only 2 bays. Good luck to the Bolts, i3's, I-PACE and whatnot trying to go on a road trip.

The 2019 Leaf with 60kWh should sell better as long as the $35K TM3 doesn't show up. I personally doubt it will. It's gonna be $1K for paint, $1K for delivery, $5K for premium interior.


And you’re lucky if the paint comes uniform on all the body panels ;).


I was looking at my 7 year old LEAF the other day and My Wife’s 2 year old LEAF. great paint jobs. Reminds me of my old Infiniti. The Yoko and Smyrna paint shops are top notch.

I believe it’s really just the bad lease deals that make the difference…duh, the new model is so much better it could only be the bad lease deals.


Way to spoil a good post with a childish unprovoked slur at the end…

Alaa Sadek

Good. I hope the whole world goes electric as soon as possible.


In the context of Tesla going from 17,800 Model 3’s to 22,250 Model 3’s in the U.S. for an increase of 4,450, I am not sure that “shooting up” is warranted for an increase of 248 Leaf’s.

MN Electric

Yeah, I wouldn’t call that a true uptick! It’s also interesting to see an increase of 248 for the Leaf framed as an excellent uptick, when the Bolt had 1,549 in Sept and that was framed as “tepid.” I know that’s somewhat in comparison to the Volt, but still…

Steven Loveday

See above. We get numbers and write and update in real time.

Texas Leaf

How long did those people have to wait for their Model 3s, two, three years? Some people are still going to have to wait a couple of more years before take delivery of their Model 3s after already waiting a couple of years. I drove to the Nissan dealership and drove my brand new Leaf home the same day.


Actually the wait is over. You can order your 3 today and in a week or so they will deliver it. I think they also have a lot of models staged all over the country now so you might be able to take possession in a day or two. Great cars.

Go ahead and order the short range and get back to us in a year when you get it. Even the long range base has a 2+ month wait list.


No it doesn’t. Official time is “less than four weeks” for the RWD version; and many people reportedly get it way sooner. If you pick one from inventory, you can literally have it in days.

Yes, the short-range variant still requires waiting… But that’s not what the 22,250 sales last month were, including the 4,450 increase over the previous month.


Great car. Once you get the tax credits for your 3 be sure to apply that money to the loan amount so you do not risk getting underwater on the loan. Don’t be tempted to take a vacation in France. A lot of people did that with their EVs and then they blamed the cars.


I think Tesla already said there will never be a $35 K short range version. This is the car they are selling. No reason to wait, great car. Lots of great EVs out there, especially used bargains on 2014 and 2015 Leafs and Volts and I3s. I waited 18 months for LEAF, it was worth the wait. In 2010 I didn’t have any other options. Great cars.


Yes, but Tesla is serving the demand of 2,5 years, they have more than 400.000 cars sold, only must to build them. Everything they could build, will be sold. At least while there are reservations.


I’m not sure where you got 400K cars sold, historically?. There are no reservations they are all gone. They have models in stock you can order today. $49K plus 1.2 K delivery fee. If you can drive it in the 20-80% range it might last a lifetime.


Reservations aren’t “gone”. Many US reservation holders who wanted the long-range variant presumably turned their reservations into orders by now; but there are still a lot of others left.


I’m pretty sure Tesla said they will never make a $35K model 3. You need to go ahead and jump into the frey. I think they are going to move on to right hand drive cars for foreign markets when US sales dry up.

Robb Stark

+248 is shooting up?


Call it artistic license.

Mark W

It’s almost a 20% increase. I’d say that might qualify as “shot up”. I’m surprised by the increase. Doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. I would say either Nissan is discounting more, or overall sales will be up for all car makers.

Taylor Marks

Going from 1300 to 1500 is “shooting up”? That’s pretty abysmal. It doesn’t even match the terrible numbers they had last year.


Still lagging last years YTD Leaf numbers by just 54 Leafs. Were there more selling days last year by 10/1/18 somehow?

Did last years calendar include an extra day in a Leaf Year?


Ha, ha. A Leaf Year. Good One!

Texas Leaf

Leaf sales continue to impress. Inventories are low but sales continue to increase. I think people are warming over to the price and load of features on the Leaf.

Nissan has announced that the 2019 MY will be virtually unchanged from 2018 MY so people have little reason to wait the 2019 models. The 2019 models are finally starting to arrive on dealer lots and inventory is starting to increase. With a dramatic inventory increase of 2019 models, we might see some pretty sells numbers going towards the end of the year.

Hope dies last…


Not sure about inventory — I haven’t heard of supply shortages in the US?… (As opposed to pretty much anywhere else…)

Unchanged 2019 model might be good point, though.


I am really looking forward to the 60 kWh Leaf. While the latest update to 40 kWh is nice, there is no way I would consider buying a car with no active thermal management and efficiency that hasn’t improved in 3 or 4 years. Come on Nissan!

Texas Leaf

What other car, gas or electric, can you buy in this price range with adaptive cruise control AND assisted steering? The current Leaf is a fantastic commuter but is still capable of enjoyable long distance travel. Every car has compromises but the Leaf is still a great value.


Toyota RAV4 + Comma.AI. Works actually very well.


Compliance car?

Mark W

Honda Clarity PHEV. Bigger, nicer, cheaper, more capable.


compliance car?


I think you are confusing it with the BEV variant, which is indeed a compliance car. The PHEV seems to be a serious offer.


Man I was so wrong with US sales of the Leaf. I had them saling 40k

James P Heartney

While it’s nice that Leaf sales are rising, it’s being dwarfed by massive Tesla sales. As a comparison, US Leaf sales YTD are less than half of Tesla sales in September alone. This reminds me of a lopsided high school football game where one team has six touchdowns by halftime and the other team has yet to score.

Mark W

I see other numbers are coming in now. Sales for almost every other BEV or PHEV are up similarly. So, it’s not a Leaf thing, it’s an EV thing.


This is great news when auto sales are down 15% to 20% across the board to see EV sales going up. No better time to drive an EV, lots of used EVs too at great prices. That $7500 tax credit is passed on to the next consumer. Which reminds me. A big mistake many EV owners make is that they do not apply the $7500 towards the purchase of the car. Do not use that money for a vacation or a trip, make sure you apply it to the loan or you will wind up underwater on the loan. Don’t blame the car if you knicker off a Vacation and you cannot trade in the car because you owe $7k more than the trade in value. That money is for emission free vehicles not a jaunt in Spain.


Only the major contenders. The low-volume also-rans are mostly down…


What happened to the launch of the 60kWh, 200+ mile range LEAF that was supposed to be launched in September according to sources inside Nissan? Has Nissan made any official announce when the launch will be?

Texas Leaf

No official announcement. There might be a mid year option but I suspect Nissan will wait until they see sales figures for the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV. Nissan is probably not going to upgrade if they think they are going to lose money.

Great news for the LEAFs. I hope the Bolt sales pick up soon. I know a lot of people will be excited to get their Model 3 having waited for some time now. It will be worth the wait. Actually there is no wait at all now, go ahead and order your 3. It will be the best car you will ever own, and if you can use it in the 20-80% charge range, it might be the last car you will ever need too. I had to wait 18 months for a 2012 LEAF. Best car I have ever owned. You just have to make sure the EV you select has enough range for your commute, AC, and or Heat and some extra range for errands. IF you can find an EV with twice the range of your commute you should be a very happy camper. If your looking for that $6k used EV, make sure it will meet your range requirements. Too many people select a car without enough range and then they wind up blaming the car for not having enough range. I recommend twice the daily range.

Excellent news, I hope all brands see a hefty increase in sales. If you want a Tesla they are discounting them now. It seems they have hundreds or thousands of cars on their inventory web pages discounted 5 to 10% and offering free supercharging to try and move them out. Input your location an find the sales lot closest to your region. Lots of CPO and new Xs and Ss and new 3s of course.

Regardless of which EV you choose, try to find one that goes twice your daily commute and you will have plenty of range for AC, heat, or extra errands. If you can use your EV in the 20-80% charge all the time it will easily last 2x to 3x the warranty period. Maybe 4x the warranty period if you have the Lizard LEAF battery after 04/13, even in Phoenix. 20-80 is the sweet spot.