Nissan Celebrates 75,000 LEAFs Sold In U.S.


LEAF #75,000 Sold In U.S.

LEAF #75,000 Sold In U.S.

A resident of Portland, Oregon is now the owner of the 75,000th Nissan LEAF sold in the U.S.

The resident, Rishabh Mehandru, is actually a returning LEAF owner.  He leased his first LEAF two years ago.

Mehandru, senior engineer at Intel, stated:

“I’m a runner, and when I ran outside I found that I was inhaling a lot of exhaust from the gas-powered cars that passed me on the roads. I instantly became aware of the amount of fuel I was burning, and that’s when I first decided that I wanted to get an electric car.”

“When the lease was up on my first Nissan LEAF, I knew that I didn’t want any other car. I had to have another Nissan LEAF. I love how quickly I can get up to speed on the highway—even my three-year-old son notices how zippy it is—and I like that I don’t have to stop for gas.”

For Nissan, selling 75,000 LEAFs in the U.S. comes less than 4.5 years after the LEAFs U.S. introduction in December 2010.

Brendan Jones, director, Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure, commented:

“Rishabh’s enthusiasm for his LEAF is a perfect example of what we call the cul-de-sac effect. With more and more Nissan LEAF owners on the road, we see shoppers coming in already educated on LEAF’s benefits because they got to drive one that belongs to a friend or neighbor. It’s that kind of word-of-mouth that really drives Nissan LEAF sales.”

Clint Edwards, sales manager at Carr Nissan in Beaverton, Oregon, sold Mehandru his black 2015 Nissan LEAF SV. Edwards explains:

“We see a fairly even mix of new and returning customers, and it’s equally exciting to work with both groups. With new customers, I get to give them the show and educate them on all the benefits that LEAF has to offer. When we get returning LEAF customers, I get to show them the exciting features that have been added since they purchased their first electric car.”

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It seems like yesterday that I was making my $99 reservation deposit for a future Nissan LEAF… 20 April 2010.

Congrats to 75,000 (and over 150,000 worldwide) !!!

\o/ Yay Portland, OR on being home to the 75,000th LEAF! 🙂

If sales over next 9.x months average ~2700/mo there will be over 100,000 LEAFs by year end on US roads. It seems likely given over 30,000 LEAFs where purchased in 2014.

Like many others, i placed my $99 deposit on the Leaf website in April 2010. I was still driving my Mini E and wondered if the Leaf would arrive soon enough. Due to being in a non initial rollout state, it wouldn’t be until January of 2012 that my Leaf arrived at the dealer. Even with the $2500 price increase, i was happy to get my car that i ordered. So happy in fact with my 2012 SV, that in October of the same year i bought another one for my mom. My car had 64,000 miles on it when i recently replaced it with a 2015 Leaf. And mom’s car has about 30k miles on it. Absolutely no problems with any of them. And i’m thinking about buying another one for my wife now that used ones are starting to pop up around here. It is a shame that no 2011 models were available in NJ or i could have been driving electric a year earlier. It’s a little misleading when they say the Leaf has been available since 2010. It’s only been available here since 2012.

Ken, if you do not mind me asking … what is the reason you replaced the first Leaf at 64000 miles?

Sounds like he had probably leased it – since now he is looking at buying a used one for his wife, I assume it didn’t make sense to keep his last one for her because it was a lease deal

Did the same for a retired relative replacing a 17 year old Toyota by purchasing a 2nd Leaf.

Like Rishabh, I didn’t see a Nissan leaf in Maryland until 2012. I have a 2012 Nissan leaf. My three year lease will end September of this year. My next vehicle will be an extended range electric vehicle (hopefully). I had to sharpen my skill of persuasion to convince my wife that we should go with an extended range electric vehicle at lease end. She said it is demoralizing to go back to putting gas in the car. I told her, If we plan our trips correctly we will be only using the gas engine occasionally, probably 5 to 10% of the time (not much more than what I use in the lawn mower). So most of our driving will be electric, but it’s nice to have that safety net. I had to remind her of a few times when we almost got stranded in the Leaf because my calculations were off. I wouldn’t want us to be in those situations again. I am stil working on her, but I have made some progress. The technology is improving and batteries will one day replace the internal combustion engine, but we are not quite there yet. I have enjoyed the pleasure… Read more »

It was Ken, who said he didn’t see a Nissan leaf in his state until 2012, not Rishabh. Sorry!

Ggpa, i only replaced my Leaf with 64k miles because i was in an accident and it was declared a total loss. It served me well taking trips to nyc, dc, and penn state from my home in South Jersey. I used it to tow my jetskies, motorcycles and plenty of other things. I did lose one battery bar at about 60k miles. My 2015 Leaf is the S model but w the quick charge package. Its nice to have the Chademo port and stations to use finally. My 2012s didnt have chademo.


My Leaf lease is just about two years old, and I’ve extended it for up to 6 months. By far, my biggest gripe with Nissan and the Leaf is that the 2.0 version won’t be out until sometime in 2017 (supposedly). I’ll very likely lease another Leaf in a few months to bridge to the 2.0.

Pfff…Nissan, they report profits, they assume we all are grown-ups by not tweeting us a top speed increase or satnav improvement, they do not see comptetion as a bunch of retards. What’s wrong with this company…how “has been” can one be.

The success of the most successful EV ever built keeps growing. Congratulations, Nissan! Now you’ve primed the pump. We’re all waiting for you to knock us out of the park with Gen II!

Congratulations on Nissan for producing the first BEV marketed to the general public since circa 1929.

I’m looking forward to the next generation Leaf with about double the range, and hoping that will be part of moving the EV revolution past the “early adopter” stage.

“Congratulations on Nissan for producing the first BEV marketed to the general public since circa 1929.”

I-MiEV arrived in the US in 2010 just before Nissan LEAF showed up…

+1. The i also beat the leaf to the streets in Japan. BMW mini E also beat Nissan to the street. Nissan was not the first but they were the first to put a BEV on the street with a garbage battery.

The i-MiEV indeed preceded the Leaf, but the Mini E was strictly a demo car, used in field trials only, in very limited markets. It was leased, and only to participants in the field study; it was never marketed to the public, which was the context Lensman brought up.

“…a garbage battery”

Definitely right about that! It was such a trash piece of equipment that the company needs to have a “voluntary service” to reinforce its structure, or else a fire may occur shortly after a crash, or eventually after that…

Oh wait, that was for 2 other auto companies, not Nissan. Sorry my bad…

I really wish they would surprise everyone and bring out the gen 2 this year.

I know it’s not likely since there’s enough leaks to know where the gen 2 batteries are coming from and when they are going to be available.

““We see a fairly even mix of new and returning customers,”

I wonder what that ratio is?

Lots of early LEAF were leased…

“Lots of early LEAF were leased…”

And it matters because?

More importantly, that’s how MOST people in the US can get the full $7.5K tax credit – through leasing.

Besides, there are more people leasing/buying the LEAFs every year, as the Y2Y year sales have increased (not counting 2015). Only the opposite can be said with the Chevy Volt and Mitsubishi i (all 3 came out same time), which have sales decline since 2013 – meaning, fewer and fewer people buy it, and fewer and fewer people who got one before, went for another one.

Now that’s an achievement.

Like many others here, I too placed my reservation on 20 April 2010. At the time we received our LEAF in 2011, weeks would go by before we’d see another on the road in the Seattle area. Now I count literally dozens each day. How awesome is that?

Yes, kudos Nissan. Two of those 75k have been mine, and I love it. But this is no time to rest on your laurels! Bring it on. More models, more range, many more and higher powered QCs. And start selling it to the public better. If you don’t push the envelope, Tesla will eat you alive.

I too was part of the April 20, 2010 reservation crowd. Then had to wait until March of the following year to take possession of LEAF #686. It was one of the last batch out of Japan before the tsunami. Three years, 30,000 miles, and one capacity bar later, I turned in my 2011 lease LEAF and took possession of a 2014. I loved my 2011 and love my 2014, but I’m looking forward to all the options that should be available when this lease ends two years from now.