NIO Improves Pace To More Than 3,000 ES8 Sales Per Month

DEC 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

NIO already produced 10,000 ES8

Chinese manufacturer NIO delivered 3,089 ES8 electric cars in November, which is almost two times more than in October. Total volume since introduction this summer reached 8,030, which is not a bad figure at all.

The company maintains its goal of 6,700-7,000 sales in the fourth quarter and 10,000 in the second half of this year.

NIO ES8 sales in China – November 2018

In several days, NIO plans to unveil its second premium SUV – the NIO ES6, which belongs to the more popular 5-seat segment (the ES8 is a 7-seater). Stay tuned for December 15, 2018, NIO Day.

“On December 1, 2018, the Company began accepting priority reservations for the ES6 from existing ES8 users and their invitees. Reservations from the general public will begin on NIO Day, December 15, 2018.”

Deliveries of the ES6 will begin in June or July 2019.

William Li, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of NIO Inc. said:

“In November, we continued our solid production ramp and accelerated deliveries of the ES8. Additionally, we have made significant enhancements to our software and service capabilities to better support the growing numbers of ES8s on the road. We are confident that, with improved integration and the dedication of our global teams, we will continue to deliver strong products and services to our users.”

“Further, we are excited to launch our highly anticipated ES6 on NIO Day, December 15, 2018. The ES6 is a 5-seater, high-performance premium electric SUV that features exceptional acceleration, a longer drive range and a lower price than the ES8.  Our annual NIO Day is designed to be a joyful event for our user community and will mark another exciting milestone as we launch the ES6, our second mass production car following the ES8,”

Louis T. Hsieh, NIO’s chief financial officer, added:

“We are pleased with our strong November delivery of 3,089 ES8s, which demonstrates our growing execution capabilities. With these strong November deliveries, we reaffirm our fourth quarter of 2018 target of 6,700-7,000 ES8 deliveries and second half year 2018 goal of 10,000 vehicle deliveries. Our current efforts are focused on the successful launch of the ES6 on NIO Day, with the aim of providing initial delivery by June or July of 2019. It is important to note that the Chinese market for premium 5-seater SUVs is multiple times larger than that for premium 7-seater SUVs.”

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When are they going to ecport? Need a 5 seater (and sufficient range please)

Do Not Read Between The Lines

The NIO ranges aren’t great for the spec. But based on what we’re seeing from the traditional manufacturers, they shouldn’t have a problem.

Are they iPace range class?

An impressive start. Too early to get carried away – they have a lot of work ahead and still need to learn how to build cars themselves – but it wouldn’t surprise me if several start ups like NIO end up thriving in 5 years time at a point where legacy companies suddenly find that ICE demand falls off a cliff.

ICE demand will fall of a cliff in max. 1 or 2 years from now. If you buy an ICE in 2019-2020, to whom are you going to sell it after 4-5 years? When Tesla, Nissan, Renault and a whole bunch of chinese manufacturers are entering the market with an ever bigger number of cars, ICE is practically dead.

some of us will buy landcruisers and use them for 20 years

Great bush mobile but unfortunately you will need to take your other car an EV or Public Transport to get into cities come 20 years

Only six months in so far. Model 3 only had 1764 built at this point, with 1060 in the 6th month alone. So this could be shaping up to be bigger than the Model 3. Probably not, but it certainly looks to be a major contender for next year.

Invest l. The next rounfd on my paycheck will be on them

But chinese media say:’ES8 is just like partially prepared products,The degree of completion is very low..’