Marques Brownlee of the Auto Focus YouTube channel came into his review of the 2024 Lucid Air Sapphire already a fan of the brand. So it’s no surprise when he says the high-performance model levels up the Air in every single way.

Lucid has really “left nothing on the table for me to complain about. This is one of the best sedans ever made. And honestly, it’s peak EV right now. This is as good as it gets.” 

Marques especially appreciates is how Lucid went out of their way to ensure the car was “top of its class.” While the Tesla Model S Plaid is mostly just a performance boost, the Air Sapphire has major improvements that truly differentiate it from the standard model. They may even partially justify the sky-high $250,000 price.

2024 Lucid Air Sapphire Exterior Front Quarter

2024 Lucid Air Sapphire

Category Specifications
Range 427 miles
Battery Size 118 kWh
DC Fast Charging 300 kW 
Horsepower 1234
Torque 1430
0-60 mph 1.9 seconds
1/4-Mile 9 seconds
Top Speed 200 mph
Weight 5400 lbs

It's not just the raw specs that make the Sapphire special. While Marques says the styling of most Lucid models is more akin to a Buick, the Sapphire is a major step up.

“Lucid, for a while, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the look," he says. "They kind of have this old man look with the two-toned silver.” Ouch. But the blacked-out trim and carbon fiber accents on the mirrors and spoiler give it a cleaner look. As do the carbon ceramic brakes, sporty tires and sleek wheel design. “These are some serious wheels and tires. Mechanical grip is a really big part of what makes this car so sick.”

In a straight line, the tires perform like your typical low rolling resistance EV tire. But the outside corners are composed of a stickier rubber that improves handling. “When you’re cornering, you’re leaning on that outside rubber and getting that firm, sporty, responsive feel.” 

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The in-house developed traction control “brings it all together” and the suspension is very compliant. “You can feel that it is stiff and it is allowing you to corner and feel the way the car is moving well. But it also is not punishing. It absorbs potholes and bumps in the road really well.”

The car maintains the brand's reputation for efficiency and long range as well. As long as you don’t take advantage of all the power at your disposal. “You can drive it like a grandma and get 400 miles. But just like the [Tesla Model S] Plaid, with those big motors, you can pull through battery quickly.”

2024 Lucid Air Sapphire Interior Dashboard

The interior of the Sapphire is at first glance similar to the rest of the lineup. The model line has always had a roomy interior, and this performance-focused model is actually two inches wider and two inches longer than its siblings. Trunk space is generous with underfloor storage and a passthrough in the rear center seat. The power-opening frunk is always appreciated as well. 

There is plenty of additional storage room in the cabin including a deep center console and a storage cubby hidden behind the lower center screen. Lucid’s custom software is one aspect that is merely “respectable”. It does not necessarily stand out against competing systems but it does include Apple CarPlay.

The doors, interior trim and roof are lined with a smooth suede material. Rear seat leg room is exceptional, taking advantage of the larger vehicle size to increase leg room for the Sapphire model. 

Marques sees no downsides to the car and says it is not only the best electric sedan in the world, it is the best sedan in the world period. Of course, despite its “top of the class” status, this $250,000 sedan is always going to be niche. 

Do you have a few hundred thousand to drop on a new car? If so, are you thinking of picking up a Lucid Air Sapphire? Let us know in the comments below. 

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