Upstart automakers have become more common as EVs grow in popularity. We’ve now got Rivian, Fisker—for now, and Lucid is contending for buyers’ hearts with legacy companies like Ford and General Motors. Lucid hit the streets with the ultra-impressive Air sedan a few years ago, offering breathtaking performance and modern styling that won praise from almost everyone lucky enough to drive one.

Lucid’s premium market position brings high-end pricing that few can afford. Early versions of the Air started at more than $100,000, and while the automaker offers less expensive variants today, they all remain priced deep in premium territory. Here’s an overview of Lucid’s pricing for the Air electric sedan, the only model it currently sells.

Gallery: 2024 Lucid Air Pure

Lucid Air Pure


The 2024 Lucid Air Pure starts at $69,900, the most affordable car in the automaker’s catalog. Though it’s significantly cheaper than other models, the Pure offers strong performance and solid range estimates. Its rear-wheel drive 430-horsepower electric drive system delivers a 4.5-second 0-60 mph time and an estimated range of 410 miles, making it one of the longer-range EVs on sale today. Depending on the charger, it can also fast-charge to 200 miles in 17 minutes.

Though it sits as Lucid’s most “basic” car, buyers can add thousands to the Pure’s price tag with options. Some paint colors cost up to $800, and opting for the Stealth styling package adds $1,750 to the bottom line. Stepping up from the standard 19-inch wheels to 20-inch rollers pushes the price by $1,750. The car comes standard with synthetic leather, but buyers can upgrade to genuine hides for $3,000, and a number of tech and luxury upgrades are available, including massaging front seats with heating and ventilation for $3,750.

Gallery: 2023 Lucid Air Touring: First Drive

Lucid Air Touring


Buyers can get the Air Touring for $8,000 more than the Pure. It offers 620 horsepower, a 3.4-second 0-60 mph time, and 411 miles of range. That extra power and speed also comes with all-wheel drive, and the Touring shortens the Pure’s 200-mile charging time to 15 minutes.

However, like the Pure, the Touring’s price climbs quickly with options. It’s available with many of the same upgrades, including a glass canopy roof for $4,000, 21-inch wheels for $3,500, and three interior leather upholstery options for $3,000 each.

Gallery: 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring: Review

Lucid Air Grand Touring


Jumping up to the Grand Touring trim pushes the starting price significantly higher, to almost $110,000. That price increase brings a big bump in performance and range, however, as the car sees 819 horsepower. The 0-60 mph time is down to just 3.0 seconds, and the range increases to 516 miles. Adding 200 miles of range takes only 12 minutes with the Grand Touring, though those speeds will largely depend on the charger and external conditions.

Options are almost identical to the Touring, but leather upholstery prices climb to $5,500 in the Grand Touring. Buyers can drive the price up further with advanced driver assist systems that cost up to $6,750 and a “Pro” audio system for $2,900.

Gallery: 2024 Lucid Air Sapphire First Drive

Lucid Air Sapphire


The Lucid Air Sapphire goes way over the top in price and performance. Its electric motors deliver 1,234 horsepower and a neck-snapping 1.89-second 0-60 mph time. That extreme performance comes at the expense of some range compared to the Grand Touring model, as the Sapphire checks in with a 427-mile driving range. It also charges slightly slower than the Grand Touring, taking 15 minutes to recover 200 miles of range. The good news with that quarter-million-dollar price tag is that the Sapphire gets all the optional goodies as standard, including the 21-inch wheels, upgraded sound system, and more. Even so, the only paint color available is blue, and the car cannot be optioned with a glass roof.

Gallery: 2025 Lucid Gravity

Coming Soon - Lucid Gravity SUV

Lucid plans to release the Gravity SUV in late 2024 with a starting price of under $80,000. Like the Air sedan, the Gravity will likely be available in various configurations, with some bringing extreme pricing and performance. Lucid promises up to 440 miles of range, more than 800 horsepower in some models, and seating for up to seven people. The Gravity’s larger SUV body “limits” its acceleration to a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

In addition to a high-end interior, the Gravity brings an eight cubic-foot frunk, 300-kW fast charging, a 34-inch display with 6K resolution, and a unique “Sanctuary” mode that uses lights, visuals, audio, temperature, and massaging functions to create a relaxing space.


Is Lucid an American company?

Lucid’s headquarters are located in California, though the company has significant funding from Saudi Arabia. It operates a factory in Arizona and one in the Middle Eastern country and delivers cars to several countries, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, and more.

Is Lucid better than Tesla?

While much of the decision between a Lucid Air or a Tesla Model S comes down to personal choice and budget, the Air offers a better driving experience and a more luxurious interior. The $249,000 Air Sapphire far outpaces the most expensive Tesla Model S, which just crests the $100,000 mark in the range-topping Plaid configuration.

Is Lucid losing money?

The company reported a $2.8 billion loss in 2023 and has not been able to meet demand so far in 2024. While production is up from last year, the automaker hasn’t hit its volume targets.

Is Lucid going out of business?

Lucid says it has enough cash to stay afloat into 2025, though market conditions and other factors could change. The Saudi government also has plenty of money and could buffer any significant headwinds the automaker faces.

How do I service a Lucid?

Lucid sells vehicles directly to buyers on the internet, though it operates a few dealers, or “Studios,” where people can order in person. Servicing occurs at one of several Lucid shops across the country and Canada, which range as far east and north as the Boston metro area and as far west as the California coast.

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