New videos have surfaced online, courtesy of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, showing Tesla’s upcoming all-electric pickup carrying no fewer than four bicycles in its bed. But what does this mean in terms of bed size? Well, let’s see.

Right off the bat, I have to say that the four bikes weren’t fully loaded in the Cybertruck’s bed, but rather hanging on an aftermarket bike pad from Dakine that was blocking the pickup’s third brake light, which isn’t ideal.

Rivian did a much better job with its proprietary tailgate pad that has a semitransparent mesh. This way, the full-width red light strip isn’t obscured and can be seen by cars driving behind.

But what about storage in the bed? The alleged specifications that were recently leaked didn’t include the bed’s dimensions, but we know from one of Elon Musk’s previous statements that the Cybertruck should have a bed length of over six feet.

By comparison, the Rivian R1T’s bed is 4.5 ft long. However, after seeing the Cybertruck and the R1T carrying bikes side by side, it looks like they’re pretty similar in size.

Tesla Cybertruck carrying a bike (Source: Reddit)

Tesla Cybertruck carrying a bike (Source: Reddit)

Rivian R1T With Tailgate Pad And A Bike

Rivian R1T With Tailgate Pad And A Bike

Mind you, the two trucks most likely have different types of bikes in the back, but to the naked eye, it doesn’t look like the Cybertruck’s bed is one and a half feet longer than the R1T. At least we know that it can carry four bikes, which is more than enough for an adventurous afternoon out on the trails.

In fact, some commenters have argued that a fifth bike might fit in there as well, maxing out the Cybertruck’s carrying space, both in the bed and in the cabin. It’s also worth noting that Tesla’s pickup has some storage under the bed and some electrical outlets back there, making it a decent choice for people who use their trucks to do work. It doesn’t come close to the Ford F-150 Lightning’s eight outlets that come as standard, but it’s something.

We should know more about the edgy electric pickup after the much-anticipated delivery event on Nov. 30 happens, including the official dimensions and specs.

But until that happens, let us know in the comments what you think: will the Cybertruck be a good work/fun truck?

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