A new video surfaced online showing the under-bed storage bin of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, and there are some details that reservation holders might love and hate.

But before we get into that, I have to mention that the original source of the video is a bit of a mystery. The short clip was posted on X by someone who goes by @DimaZeniuk, but the same video appeared on Facebook, where it was posted by someone who says it was shot by a different person.

Anyway, the short clip doesn't seem to be doctored, so I'll focus on what we can see. First up, the storage compartment seems to be watertight, judging from the presence of the rubber gasket on the lid.


Previous photos of the under-bed storage showed there was also at least one drain hole on the upper part of the bin, so water and mud shouldn't get inside the box.

Furthermore, people on Reddit argue that there's also a drain plug at the bottom of the bin, meaning it could also be used as a cooler on the go if you were to put some ice in there. When it melts, just pop the plug and the water will go away. However, we haven't seen said drain plug, so take that with a grain of salt.

The sub-bed trunk is similar to the Rivian R1T's rear storage bin, but unlike the Rivian, it doesn't seem to be large enough to fit a full-size spare tire in there. By the looks of it, the whole thing was filled with a single car cover like the one that was used several times to protect release candidate units in the past, either from bad weather or prying eyes.

The under-bed spare wheel compartment on the Rivian R1T.

In fact, from what we know, the Cybertruck doesn't have a spare tire at all, which isn't great if you get a flat in a remote area. An owner could carry a spare in the bed, but that would eat into the carrying capacity, so it wouldn't be ideal for those who haul a lot of stuff on a regular basis.

We should know more about the Cybertruck after the November 30 delivery event, when the first customer-intent units will get into the hands of owners. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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