Tesla has been busy shipping Cybertrucks across the country over the past weeks, but one thing people noticed is that the car haulers were regular internal combustion engine-powered semis and not Tesla Semis.

With one notable exception earlier this month, the Tesla Semi-Cybertruck combo has been elusive so far, but one lucky guy managed to capture a special delivery in Fremont: a Semi car hauler unloading two Cybertrucks at a Tesla facility.

Leaving aside the fact that it was a sight to behold, X (formerly Twitter) user Xi (@KewellXi) also managed to take a close look at the two Cybertrucks, which appeared to be "production candidate" vehicles like the one Elon Musk drove last week


For example, he got a good look at the Cybertruck's frunk, which was open at one point as the Tesla employees were apparently looking for something in there. While Xi wasn't able to take a close-up shot of the frunk, the compartment seems really big in these photos and deeper than in previous shots.

He filmed both Cybertrucks as they were unloaded from the Tesla Semi car hauler and even managed to capture the mandatory low-speed noise as one of the electric trucks was backing up from the hauler. While the spooky whirring sound produced by the Cybertruck is the same one you get in other Teslas, it totally fits a vehicle that looks like a spaceship.

That being said, some people commented that the Cybertruck needs its own soundtrack, and we have no doubt that Tesla will offer that if enough people ask for it.


Not much is known about the Tesla facility where these two Cybertrucks were delivered – it certainly wasn't the Fremont Factory – other than it used to be a delivery center. There are reports of the site now being used as an engineering office, which sounds plausible seeing as Tesla's global engineering headquarters are also located near Fremont, in Palo Alto.

Tesla has been producing Cybertrucks at Gigafactory Texas since mid-July, and according to some unofficial estimates, the EV maker has already reached the 100-unit mark. 

According to previous comments from Elon Musk, the company is expected to hold a Cybertruck delivery event at the Austin plant "toward the end of the third quarter," which likely means that the first units will be delivered to customers in late September.

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