Tesla is rumored to have already built about a hundred Cybertruck electric pickups since production started in mid-July at Gigafactory Texas.

While the EV maker hasn't released a production tally, industry watchers estimate that Tesla has rolled out some 100 Cybertrucks based on the many sightings of shipments from Giga Texas in recent weeks.

Tesla pundit and shareholder Matthew Donegan-Ryan said on X (formerly Twitter) that "Tesla has now built 100 Cybertrucks at Giga Texas," adding a video and a photo of several electric trucks being loaded onto car haulers at the Austin facility. When asked how does he know that, Matthew replied cryptically, "I have my ways."

Obviously, counting the trucks spotted on haulers is not a very scientific method to estimate how many Cybertrucks have been made so far. That's because there can be shipments that haven't been spotted and posted on social media, not to mention the fact that Tesla is likely keeping some Cybertrucks in storage at Giga Texas away from prying eyes.


That being said, this guesstimate probably proves that Tesla already has more than enough Cybertrucks to deliver to the first customers during the upcoming handover event expected to take place late next month at Giga Texas.

As a reminder, Tesla delivered 30 Model Y vehicles when it inaugurated the Giga Berlin plant last year, and it will probably deliver roughly the same number of Cybertrucks from Giga Texas to the first customers, likely Tesla employees and insiders.

Given the increased pace of Cybertruck shipments from Giga Texas, it is becoming evident that we are getting closer to the moment reservation holders have been waiting for since November 2019, i.e. the start of initial deliveries.

If the 100-unit estimate is accurate, it suggests that the ramp of the Cybertruck's initial production is going well and that the electric pickup could see a ramp that's more similar to the Model Y crossover than the Model 3 sedan, which experienced a period of "production hell" before it was ramped.

You shouldn't get your hopes up too high, though, as Elon Musk previously said that 2023 will see low Cybertruck production numbers and that the vehicle would be produced in high volume starting in 2024. Back in May, he said that he expected Tesla to sell between 250,000 and 500,000 units per year once production is fully ramped. 

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