Tesla has updated its US referral program in a bid to further incentivize Model 3 and Y sales. The automaker has added a cash discount for referred Model 3 and Y buyers as well as several months of free FSD (Full-Self Driving). Meanwhile, the referrer gets 10,000 Tesla credit points which can be used for free Supercharging and Tesla accessories/upgrades.

It's not too surprising to see the referral program getting a boost. Although the Model 3 and Y continue to dominate the EV market, Tesla missed its delivery goal last quarter. And with facelifted versions of both on the way, understandably Tesla wants to move as many "old" Model 3 and Y units as possible in the coming months.

To summarize, referred Model 3 and Y buyers now get $500 off their purchase price and three months of free FSD. As previously mentioned, the referrer gets 10,000 Tesla credit points.

Meanwhile, nothing has changed for the Model S and X. As was previously the case, the referred gets a $1,000 discount and three months of free FSD. S/X referrers get 20,000 Tesla credit points. The Tesla Solar referral program also remains the same, with referred buyers getting $500 off. 

Interestingly, Tesla decided to remove the ability to get Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) and FSD rewards. Previously, Tesla drivers could upgrade to either for 55,000 or 120,000 credits respectively. 

Tesla has also updated its referral program in China. Referred Model 3 and Y buyers now get a ¥3,500 ($484) discount and 90 days of Enhanced Autopilot access. 

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