New drone footage has shown Tesla Cybertruck production is well underway at Giga Texas, with casting presses now installed. Two 9,000-ton Giga presses were visible in the footage, as were plenty of Cybertruck rear castings. 

Tesla has been manufacturing alpha versions of the Cybertruck since Q1 2023, as per official factory photos from the automaker. That said, it now appears the EV manufacturer is installing all of the necessary equipment for general production. 


Cybertruck release candidates (i.e. near-production versions that may have a few faults) are due in August, with customer deliveries targeted for the end of Q3 2023. Given that likely equates to an end-of-September delivery event, it makes sense that Tesla is already gearing up for mass production.

A leaked video also gave a brief preview of Cybertruck production in action. Check out the below tweet for more.


First revealed in November 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck is undoubtedly the most eagerly anticipated EV of 2023. Currently, Tesla has roughly 1.8 million Cybertruck reservation holders. Given the automaker is expected to manufacture 375,000 units annually, it could take upwards of four years before all orders are satisfied. That said, given a Cybertruck can be reserved with a fully refundable $100 deposit it's safe to say not everyone will be seeing through delivery.

When it was first unveiled, three versions of the Cybertruck were announced. A $39,900 single-motor version with 250 miles of range was promised as the entry-level offering. For $49,900 buyers could upgrade to a dual-motor variant with over 300 miles of range and a 4.5-second 0-60 miles per hour time.

Meanwhile, sitting at the top of the lineup was the $69,900 tri-motor Cybertruck. Tesla stated it would have over 500 miles of range, a 2.8-second 0-60 mph time, and a max towing capacity of a staggering 14,000 pounds. Almost four years on, the exact Cybertruck lineup ahead of production remains unclear. However, expect to find out about detailed specs and pricing when release candidates arrive later this summer.

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