Tesla has increased the price of its Wall Connector for a second time this year. In January 2023, Tesla raised the price of the popular home charging solution from $350 to $425. The company has now hiked its price by another $50 – the connector now costs $475.

Despite the price increase, it remains one of the most affordable home charging options. The Ford Connected Charge Station with the J1772 port costs $800. Another wall box charger called the Pulsar Plus 48 EV that we reviewed previously costs $700. So considering the Tesla level two charger’s safety certification, warranty, and similar features as its competitors, it still appears to be a bargain.

Tesla dropped the price of its home charger to $350 last year as it opened up its proprietary North American Charging Standard (NACS) for other carmakers to adopt.

Just about a week ago, General Motors announced that it would adopt the Tesla charging standard from 2024 offering customers an adapter, while future models would come with built-in NACS ports. Ford made a similar announcement in late May 2023. Aptera Motors, known for its solar-powered car, was the first to announce the adoption of NACS last year.

That said, the Wall Connector’s specs remain identical. The 48-amp unit can charge at 11.5 kilowatts and is capable of adding up to 44 miles of range per hour. It has an auto-sensing handle to open the charge port, Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates, scheduled charging and data tracking via the Tesla App, power share with up to six Wall Connectors, a four-year warranty for residential use and a 24-foot cable length, among functionalities.

Tesla’s J1772 connector, compatible with most North American electric vehicles, costs the same as before at $550 – it offers similar specs as the standard home charger with the NACS port.

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