Despite what skeptics may tell you, it's pretty easy to own an electric car, though there are certainly exceptions. For EV owners who can charge at home most of the time, it's relatively inexpensive and hassle-free. However, public EV charging has its challenges and unwritten rules. If you don't know what you're doing, it can prove frustrating, time-consuming, and even outright embarrassing.

As a new EV owner, or for anyone considering an electric car in the future, it's important to know and understand the ins and outs of charging your car at a public DC Fast Charging station. Otherwise, you won't be able to go on road trips, and/or you could end up stranded if you encounter extenuating circumstances. 

It's important to do your homework and ensure that you're educated on public EV charging simply for the sake of being able to use your car much like a gas car, regardless of the situation or circumstances. However, it's arguably just as important to know the expected etiquette and unwritten rules so you don't end up irritating or upsetting other EV owners, and so you don't end up looking like a fool.

Thankfully, our good friends from the All Electric Family YouTube channel put together the short and informative public EV charging video above. They have loads of experience driving and charging a variety of electric cars on numerous road trips. Not only have they spent plenty of time at Tesla Superchargers, but they also charge at various DC Fast Charging networks across the country, all while traveling many miles and towing heavy loads. Needless to say, this family is well-equipped to help the EV newbies out there.

All Electric Family shared the following topics and timestamps that correspond to the video above.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:55 Blocking Chargers
  • 1:37 Treat Chargers Nicely
  • 1:54 Don't Charge Too Long
  • 2:50 Charge at the Right Speed
  • 3:40 Leave it Better Than you Found It
  • 4:21 Keep it Between the Lines
  • 4:55 Check In
  • 5:55 Report Broken Chargers
  • 6:18 Leave Room

Check out the brief video and then use our comment section to add your own EV charging tips, tricks, and unwritten rules to help others more successfully navigate EV ownership.

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