Porsche Taycan owners can now enjoy a more streamlined routing experience for EV road trips. Porsche has adopted Apple Maps EV Routing to allow Taycan drivers to plan their trips using Apple Maps inside of Apple CarPlay.

In the past, Porsche Taycan owners had to exit Apple CarPlay in order to plan a driving route that also included charging stops. Now, with Apple Maps EV Routing, owners will have access to charging station locations, estimated charging times, and energy usage details while using Apple CarPlay, which isn't even available on some rival EVs. 

As the Apple route-planning system works to find and suggest charging stations, it also takes the Taycan's state of charge into consideration. This means it will suggest a charging station that is within your car's driving range so that you don't have to worry about potential range anxiety or charge sooner than you need to.

The Taycan already comes standard with the built-in Porsche Charging Planner. It optimizes road trips by factoring in your average driving speed and traffic conditions, along with the EV's state of charge, to make sure that your charging stops are the most sensible. However, since many people use Apple CarPlay, having another way to access such routing information ups the convenience factor. Porsche Digital Managing Director Steffen Haug shares:

“We’ve listened to our customers, and they appreciate flexibility. This integration with a product that they are already familiar with gives more options and confidence in how they use their Taycan, both in day-to-day activities and on longer road trips.”

Like the Porsche Charging Planner, Apple Maps EV Routing uses real-time traffic information as it works to determine the best charging stops. It also factors in elevation, as well as other variables that may impact driving range, to make sure that the Taycan's range estimate is as accurate as possible.

If the driver decides to skip the recommended station and then ends up with a low state of charge, the technology automatically provides a direct route to the nearest compatible charging station.

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