Fisker intends to boost the appeal of its fully electric Ocean SUV with a newly developed, special off-road edition. The Ocean Force E package is currently under development at the automaker's Magic Works specialty division in England.

Deliveries of the Fisker Ocean SUV are now underway in Europe. However, it seems Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker loves to keep the news coming. To get more eyes on the electric crossover as deliveries roll out, Fisker has plans to offer a special off-road package later this year. If all progresses as planned, we could see deliveries of the Ocean Force E package at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2023. Fisker shared:

‌“This vehicle is going to be a beast. We have pulled out all the stops on this one. I think it’s exciting to enter the segment. And for those who love to go offroad and enjoy nature, what better way than with zero emissions?”

Fisker Magic Works division is leaning on its SVP of Engineering David King to head up the new project in the UK. King was a professional rally car racer during the 1980s and 1990s.

Fisker notes that the off-road segment is primarily made up of gas-powered vehicles, though that stands to change as the industry transitions from gas to electric powertrains. Moreover, the bulk of today's SUVs are not of the off-road-ready variety, but rather, crossovers built on a unibody car platform. For this reason, a special trim or package is typically required for folks who plan to leave the pavement regularly.

The EV maker says the Ocean Force E will be a top off-road performer, with high ground clearance and ramp angles, specialized dampers, 20-inch reinforced wheels, and 33-inch all-terrain tires. It will also crank out an estimated 550 horsepower.

The Force E package adds a titanium plate that protects the full length of the Ocean's underbody. In addition, the package adds structurally mounted front and rear skid plates. Fisker says all-wheel-drive Ocean Extreme and Ocean Ultra models will be able to be retrofitted with the package.

The automaker will also offer an optional interior package designed for off-road excursions and to withstand abuse. It will feature rubber floor coverings, additional grab handles, and tie-downs. Buyers can also choose to opt for a lightweight roof basket.

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