As the Tesla Cybertruck is getting closer to the much-awaited start of production later this year, the American EV maker is putting more and more prototypes on the road to test for potential defects and problems

This latest sighting, posted on the r/teslamotors subreddit by user ajaysns, seems to be a more refined truck than the ones spotted before it, with some commenters saying that it might even be a bit tamer than before.

Compared to shots of older Cybertruck prototypes, the latest batch of photos posted on Reddit shows a truck with body panels that look much better than before, with little to no imperfections, as was the case with most of the older mules.


The development prototype that was snapped yesterday is also sporting the now well-known single windscreen wiper and triangular side mirrors. Additionally, as was the case with some mules in the past, this prototype doesn’t have door handles.

In the original post’s comments, some people argue that it looks somewhat rounder than before, especially in the front, but at closer inspection, it might just be that the shinier metal conceals the actual shape of the front end.

At the same time, there are quite a few commenters that aren’t exactly in love with the Cybertruck’s looks, with some going as far as saying it’s downright ugly.

The wheels aren’t covered with the now patented black covers that adorned the original concept shown back in 2019, and instead, Tesla is using off-the-shelf wheels for development purposes, presumably because they’re cheaper (at least for now) and readily available – just like every other carmaker during the development of future models.

As previously reported, Tesla already has a pilot production line in place at its Texas Gigafactory for making Cybertruck test mules, with a projected start in manufacturing for customer orders “later this year.”

A special delivery event is also in the works for the third quarter of 2023, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk will most likely show the world the first finished Cybertruck units.

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