Tesla originally recalled a related set of Model S sedans at the end of 2021, though the recall is now expanded. Apparently, due to issues with a front trunk (frunk) latch lock, there's a chance the frunk lid could pop open while driving. This poses a safety risk since it would limit forward visibility.

The latest recall impacts 2,649 Tesla Model S sedans imported from the US. Tesla doesn't produce the Model S in China, or in any other market. In fact, both the flagship Model S and its counterpart, the Model X SUV, are only produced at the Tesla Fremont factory in California.

The Model S recall in China applies to vehicles produced between October 14, 2015, and August 23, 2020. The particular vehicles have a secondary latch alignment that's described as "slightly backward," which could prevent it from locking. However, the frunk's primary latching system is unaffected.

When the Model S' primary latch is accidentally released, the frunk could suddenly open while the car is in motion since there's a chance the secondary latch isn't properly locked.

Tesla recalled 19,697 imported Model S EVs on December 31, 2021, for related reasons. The previous recall impacted such sedans produced in Fremont between January 21, 2015, and November 18, 2020.

Tesla will handle the latest recall by inspecting the frunk lid's secondary latch lock. If the locking system isn't functioning properly and keeping the frunk lid closed when the primary lock is released while the car is in motion, Tesla will reposition and reinstall the secondary latch with the proper alignment. Both the inspection and repair will be performed free of charge.

If you own a Model S that's potentially impacted, Tesla encourages you to contact a service center as soon as possible. In the meantime, the automaker says to drive with caution until you can have the car inspected and, if needed, the repair carried out.

While the vast majority of Tesla's recalls may apply to fixes that can be handled via free and convenient over-the-air software updates, this is yet another recent Tesla recall that does require a physical visit and a potential repair.

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