We haven't checked in with our neighbor Toni Ezero of the Detroit Tesla YouTube channel lately. This is because Tesla hasn't provided many updates to the Full Self-Driving beta technology due to an NHTSA recall and delays to Version 11. However, now we have two new videos revealing the performance of the updated technology, and we think they're very well done.

Toni has been acting as a Tesla FSD beta tester and posting Detroit driving videos for some time now. It has been interesting to watch as some people are upset by his honesty. While it's clear Toni is a Tesla fan and is certainly impressed with the technology as a whole, he still tells it how it is. If there are issues, you're going to see them in his videos, and you're also going to see the software impress. YouTube commenter and reported Tesla FSD beta tester Mathieu Bruneau wrote:

"Nice to see what fsd actually looks like instead of videos where youtubers only post their perfect runs. This is more like how my fsd operates too."

The issue with many Tesla FSD videos is that they're long, so they're typically overedited. While some testers seem to focus on sharing the software's successes, others are out to make it clear how many improvements still need to be made. If you really want to see how the technology works, and how it's improving, you have to watch a bunch of different videos produced by presenters who have different opinions and perhaps even varying intentions or agendas.

That said, Toni's videos make it all pretty clear. He sets out in the car after each update and just lets it do its thing in Detroit with little to no editing. Of course, if the car is going to cause a problem, he's ready and willing to engage, but if he doesn't have to, he won't. This gives us a good idea of what the car might do if we were using the technology. Meanwhile, Detroit Tesla provides plenty of dialogue to keep us apprised of what's happening from his perspective.

You'll see some parts of the video that thoroughly impress Toni, and they're likely to impress you. He even goes so far as to say that FSD beta version 11 is "GM Cruise's Worst Nightmare." At the same time, Toni doesn't sugarcoat it when the car makes terrible decisions or puts him or others in a potentially unsafe situation.

The video at the top of the page takes us along on a full hour of FSD beta Version 11 driving as Toni hops on the highway to head into Detroit and then navigates around the city. As a follow-up, he just posted a second Version 11 video, though the drive was performed in Detroit at night. It features nearly 45 minutes of Tesla's FSD beta "driving" in the dark, and it appears to be unedited.

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