Let's say Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta improves and gets to that point that the company believes it's ready for mass rollout. What happens when it snows for many months all across the globe? Will the feature simply be useless in foul weather, or will it eventually learn to deal with snow driving just as some humans have?

Tesla owner and Full Self-Driving Beta tester Toni Ezero is back. You may remember him as Detroit Tesla. We've covered most of Ezero's Tesla FSD Beta videos from Detroit, and now we've got his latest. It showcases FSD Beta versions 10.10.2, which is currently rolling out to Tesla's approved list of owners.

We appreciate Ezero's videos since it seems he's just a typical guy providing helpful footage of Tesla's FSD without any sort of agenda. He just drives, tells it like it is, and provides us with a growing base of footage to compare as each new version rolls out. Toni doesn't talk about how Tesla is the best thing since sliced bread while throwing shade at "the haters and shorts," nor does he trash Tesla with expletives every time the technology requires human assistance.

Interestingly, if you take a look at the YouTube comments, people are outright angry at Ezero and calling him out. They don't appreciate the fact that he says Tesla FSD Beta isn't tuned for snow. For some reason, they believe his honesty is a direct attack on Tesla and a move to belittle the engineers trying to solve autonomy.

We're not surprised, but we encourage Toni to keep at it since we want to see the good and the bad footage, and we appreciate any and all praise, as much as we do criticism. Without honest and objective dialogue, videos like the one above would really be a complete waste of our time.

At any rate, the video has an interesting opening, since it's based in Detroit's historic Corktown, which still has historic brick-paved roads. The Tesla does pretty well on the bricks, though Ezero admits the road is well-marked and shouldn't really be an issue. 

That said, the technology clearly struggles throughout the video, requiring many interventions. Rather than appearing to be an improvement over version 10.9, it seems to have regressed. However, Ezero points out that he sort of expected it due to the slush and snow. He says Tesla's FSD Beta doesn't really understand snow. Ezero wrote:

"Hey gang! Back with another Detroit fsd video. It did pretty bad in the snow but it was expected. Lots of disengaging for even small things. Trying to keep my view less biased as possible and calling it like it is."

Our concern here is that there's snow in areas like Michigan all the time. The roads and the markings are completely covered often, and as EV drivers, we have to turn off regen to avoid losing control. Can Tesla's FSD technology eventually learn how to properly deal with snow-covered roads, or will Full Self-Driving only be acceptable for use in mild weather?

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