Tesla owner Toni from the YouTube channel Detroit Tesla is back at it, testing the latest Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta update 10.9 in downtown Detroit. You can check out his previous videos to get an idea of how much (or how little) FSD Beta is improving. However, we'll tell you up front, the technology is still having a hard time with traffic cones.

That said, we've watched earlier versions of the technology have great success with construction cones. At the same time, we've watched some beta testing videos that prove the car is completely confused by cones. So what gives?

Is there any chance Tesla's FSD Beta system performs differently in Detroit than in other US cities? At this point, with over 60,000 people beta testing the technology in many areas throughout the country, it shouldn't matter if it's Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Miami, right?

There are now a plethora of videos showcasing Tesla's FSD Beta system. This means we can go back and see how the technology worked initially, as well as how it's improved (or not) with each update. In this particular video, we can see FSD is failing to execute in areas where it succeeded in the past. At the same time, it's super-impressive in other areas.

Now that many more people in a variety of locations are testing the technology, it almost seems as if FSD's struggles and successes may not have anything to do with the testing location. Rather, it seems the technology is just very inconsistent. When it works, it often works very well. When it doesn't work, it can be outright scary.

At any rate, Tesla owner Toni Ezero does a nice job filming and discussing as the car attempts to pilot itself. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Will Tesla ever be able to claim that FSD is actually "FULL" self-driving technology?

Do you find beta testers' opinions of the technology to be inconsistent? Is it the tech itself that's so inconsistent, or the opinions, tolerance level, and editing choices of the various people beta testing it?

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