Vietnamese automaker VinFast officially delivered its first 45 electric vehicles to customers in the US. The EVs arrived on our shores toward the end of 2022, and there are many more waiting to be delivered. The deliveries are the company's first outside of Vietnam.

Just last week, we learned that Vietnamese-founded VinFast, which is actually headquartered in Singapore, lowered the lease price on its VF 8 fully electric crossover by some 50%. Now, it has delivered its first batch of these EVs from nine stores situated in California.

According to Green Car Congress, the vehicles delivered were VF 8 City Edition models. While the Eco variants have an EPA-estimated 207 miles of electric range, the Plus version is estimated at 191 miles on a full charge. Although many EVs in the US have more range, the VinFast VF 8 still comes out ahead of some models, such as the Nissan Leaf and Mini Copper SE.

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VinFast imported 999 EVs to the US in the fourth quarter of 2022. There has been plenty of skepticism and even doubt that such a company would be able to successfully break into the US automotive market, and now, it has proven true.

VinFast aims to continue delivering its vehicles at its California stores and via home delivery in the coming days. The company is currently offering special financing on the VF 8 City Edition as well.

The vehicle deliveries were delayed for a few months after entering the US. VinFast had to prep for delivery, and in the meantime, there were customer complaints that the electric crossover's range didn't live up to earlier promises. VinFast had also previously told reservation holders they could rent the EV's battery, though eventually decided against that option.

The VinFast electric crossover comes standard with multiple advanced driver-assist systems. In addition, it features over-the-air software update capability, mobile service, roadside assistance, and a 10-year warranty that covers the vehicle and its batteries.

People who may be interested in VinFast can opt to participate in a test-drive program of the VF 8 in California prior to deciding to place an order. The automaker is currently waiting on approval from regulators to begin work on a $4 billion US factory in North Carolina.

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