Mercedes EQS SUV is the brand’s electric flagship model, at least in terms of price, especially when the top tier Maybach variant will be introduced with a price tag predicted to be well north of $150,000. However, not everyone is convinced the tall EQS is as good a vehicle as it could have been, and this includes Marques Brownlee who reviewed the model for his Auto Focus channel.

Now even though the video’s title makes it sound like he is going to mention a lot of negatives, which he does, it’s actually a fairly balanced view of the vehicle. The many minuses he considers are worth mentioning seem to be outweighed by the high-riding EQS’ many qualities, such as its luxurious feeling cabin with plenty of wow factor, its excellent ride comfort, as well as its advanced tech and the Three Pointed Star’s legendary image and heritage as a builder of luxury cars.

Marques doesn’t really like the way the vehicle looks on the outside, mirroring many other similar views shared by other reviewers who think the model could have been a bit more interesting to look at. He argues that in the white his tester was finished in it doesn’t look particularly special, although you can imagine that Mercedes is reserving the most opulent look for the Maybach model, which will get a two-tone paint job, unique wheels, a bolder grille and unique trim elements to help it stand out.

He also doesn’t think Mercedes is being entirely fair when it says that the optional Hyperscreen setup that’s available for all EQE and EQS models is called a single 56-inch screen, when in fact it is three individual screens covered by one massive sheet of glass. Others have noted this and it still holds true, although it’s certainly a must-have option if you want to wow your passengers in this vehicle.

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