The GMC Hummer EV does not need any additional bells and whistles to attract attention, but for those owners who want their electric truck to look the part, there's plenty of accessories to choose from.

GMC itself offers some 200 accessories for the Hummer EV, and aftermarket companies are also starting to offer an increasing number of customization parts. 

One of the most unusual and striking we've seen so far comes from South Florida (SoFlo) Customs, a company that brings the Hummer EV pickup closer to its military vehicle roots courtesy of a matte green paint job coated with Kevlar – the world's first Kevlar-coated Hummer EV, according to the aftermarket firm.

Called SoFlo Strikeforce, the package certainly looks striking with its textured green paint job and contrasting gold wheels. On the outside, the custom Hummer EV features an epoxy coat consisting of Kevlar fibers, the same material used in bulletproof vests. 

As a result, SoFlo Customs says the coating deflects rocks, tree branches and any "off-road projectiles." It doesn't mention anything about being bulletproof, though.

Gallery: SoFlo Customs Kevlar Coated GMC Hummer EV

In addition to the paint job, the Strikeforce package brings a four-inch lift kit and 38-inch tires mounted on special 20-inch wheels. The setup helps increase the Hummer EV's already generous ground clearance and does not affect the truck's ability to CrabWalk.

As the photo gallery shows, the Hummer EV also gets a custom interior featuring dual-tone quilted leather seats, quilted leather door panels and a leather-wrapped dashboard.

The sprint to 60 mph (96 km/h) remains unchanged as well in Watts to Freedom (WTF) mode, at around three seconds. That's because the custom model is based on the 1,000-horsepower Hummer EV Edition 1. The SoFlo Strikeforce package will be applied to two more Hummer EVs soon.

"I couldn't be more proud to introduce our version of the baddest factory truck on the planet – the Hummer EV. While there is nothing that quite sounds like a freshly dropped Hemi Hellcat in one of our Jeeps, this Hummer EV delivers steering-wheel clenching power to unprecedented levels. It was such a fun project that we have already ordered a second and third Hummer EV to continue our Strikeforce conversions."

Joseph Ghattas, owner, engineer, and head designer of SoFlo Customs

As you can imagine, the custom treatment does not come cheap, with the truck carrying a starting MSRP of $219,999.

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