While some people may actually shout out WTF when they first experience the GMC Hummer EV's otherworldly acceleration, it seems others may just be plain scared by the experience, and we probably would, too. More on the Hummer EV's WTF mode later, but first, a little background.

It's no secret these days, electric cars are incredibly quick off the line. Tesla has built a reputation around proving that EVs perform better than gas-powered cars, especially in terms of off-the-line acceleration, and other brands are beginning to follow suit.

As other automakers work to bring compelling EVs to market, they too tout acceleration. While it may not take people by surprise to see a Tesla Model S, Porsche TaycanTesla Model 3, or Ford Mustang Mach-E launch ridiculously quickly, the same can't really be said for a pickup truck. Sure, the burly gas-powered Ram TRX and the Ford Raptor are plenty quick, but they'll likely never be able to launch quite like an electric truck.

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The GMC Hummer EV – while extra-large, super heavy, and as boxy as vehicles can get – has the ability to race to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. That's not as quick as a few other EVs, but it's obnoxiously quick for a beast of its size. 

We can tell you that we've seen the Hummer EV out testing on numerous occasions, and while we don't know if WTF mode was activated, we sure as heck wanted to shout WTF when the behemoth took off like none other. It honestly seemed unreal.

The Hummer EV's WTF mode is actually short for "Watts to Freedom." It's essentially a launch mode with some party tricks. Call it Tesla Ludicrous or Tesla Plaid with some extra gimmicks. More specifically, engaging WTF mode lowers the Hummer EV a few inches and then sends about 1,000 horsepower to the wheels. Meanwhile, the Hummer EV provides occupants with various sights and sounds inside the cabin. Below is a short video tweet of what it's like to experience Watts to Freedom:


For those who missed it, we also have an earlier video from GMC that shows off the feature. Let's Go!

As always, we love to read your comments. Drop us a line with your thoughts about the Hummer EV's WTF mode. Would you be so scared?

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