Overlanding, anyone? How about rustic camping? Perhaps there's some deep water to tackle? No matter what the conditions, electric trucks like the Rivian R1T are simply better-equipped to leave the pavement and tough it out. MotorTrend says after driving the R1T (and Ram TRX) off-road, it "will be difficult to return to conventional gasoline vehicles for overland adventures."

The publication also makes it clear that they're not shocked by such findings, and you shouldn't be either – unless you're unaware of what makes a vehicle proficient for off-road travel. Off-roading begs for loads of torque, four- or all-wheel drive, potent acceleration, high ground clearance, and on and on.

MotorTrend traversed the Trans-America trail in the Rivian R1T, though it also took along a Ram TRX as a support vehicle. This gave the publication grounds for comparison. MotorTrend admits that prior to the trip it would have picked the TRX for such a difficult excursion due in part to its beefy V8, traditional four-wheel drive, "two-speed transfer case, locking differentials, and a trick adaptive suspension."

That said, after leaving the pavement in both trucks, it became abundantly clear that electric pickup trucks are best for off-road travel. In fact, the author says he doesn't think he will ever "find the same enjoyment that I once did in off-roading a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle."

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The R1T boasts four independent electric motors, one for each wheel. It cranks out 835 horsepower and 908 pound-feet of torque. MotorTrend writes:

"With electric motors making peak torque at 0 rpm (versus at 4,800 rpm for the Ram's technically-not-a-Hellcat V-8), each motor drives each wheel directly through what's effectively a one-speed automatic. This negates the need for a typical four-wheel-drive system."

The publication goes on to say that in a truck like the Ram TRX, the driver has to work harder. This means toggling switches, choosing drive modes, and searching for the right gear. In fact, as MotorTrend drove the TRX, it experienced such challenges. Meanwhile, while driving the R1T over the same terrain, it just works. Power delivery is consistent and commanding, one-pedal driving makes sense, and the overall experience should really prove to blow your mind.

Be sure to follow the link to MotorTrend's article below. There are plenty of details you should be aware of. Once you've had a chance to digest it all, head down to the comments and leave us your takeaways.

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