Very few journalists have thus far been given the chance to drive the very exciting new Rivian R1T electric pickup truck, one of the year’s most anticipated new EVs. Deliveries are set to kick off soon (after having been postponed), but right now there’s still a lot of mystery shrouding this model because it has yet to be driven by journalists who specialize in electric vehicles for in-depth testing.

But even as non-specialists in the field of electric vehicles, the guys from MotorTrend, who were given privileged access to the R1T, were left very impressed by the experience. Their conclusion after the exclusive drive was that the R1T is really good and that it excels in many areas (it's apparently quite good to drive on-road), even though the vehicle that they got to drive was still a pre-production example, so it still wasn’t final.

They even found it remarkably good on road, after putting the vehicle in Sport mode and attacking some bends to see how it behaves at the limit of grip. In this instance, they say it had no problem going where they pointed it and that it was really helped by its torque vectoring to effectively and undramatically power out of corners (power to each wheel can be adjusted very accurately since each corner has its own electric motor).

Off-road is where the R1T really shone, though. Firstly, they say it may even be better than a Jeep Wrangler over tough terrain and thanks to the fact that it has no low-hanging components under the vehicle (no driveshafts, differentials or an exhaust system), it makes off-roading a more worry-free experience. Check out their first drive video to catch all their conclusions and impressions; we also embedded their other video concentrating on the R1T’s interior.

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