Rivian was initially supposed to begin deliveries of its R1T electric pickup truck around the end of 2020, then the date was moved to his summer, specifically in June, but the company couldn’t meet that deadline either. Now the new announced start of deliveries is in September and it looks like Rivian is not going to postpone it any further.

Company CEO RJ Scaringe has just announced that Rivian will stick to its plan to start delivering the R1T next month. September is just one week away, but according to Electrek, Scaringe says

Over the last several months we have been focused on not only ramping our production rate, but also dialing in our quality across each of the five areas of our plant: stamping, body, paint, assembly and propulsion (battery and drive units). This challenging process involves multiple build phases – many of the vehicles from these non-customer build phases have been seen out testing across a range of environments during the last year.

These validation, tooling tryout and pilot build vehicles are critical for our ongoing mileage accumulation program that has helped us drive refinements to the product. With all of this, I am excited to report we have started producing vehicles that reflect all of our quality iterations and design refinements. We are currently working with various governing agencies on the final approvals needed for us to make the first deliveries to preorder customers in September.

The first R1Ts to be delivered are the well-specced Launch Edition examples, which starts at $73,000. Deliveries of other trim levels, such as the $67,500 Explore or the $73,000 Adventure are expected to be delivered early in 2022, while the exact date when Rivian is expected to begin deliveries of the R1S SUV has not yet been settled upon.

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