The final design study in Audi’s “sphere” series is this coupe crossover teased with a top-down shot that reveals part of its design. It’s the fourth concept in the series and according to Audi it is a sporty coupe-like crossover with an emphasis on offering the user freedom to go anywhere, even off-road, although it’s still designed to be good to drive on smooth tarmac too.

Audi says about this concept that it “provides ultimate freedom and is the perfect companion for ambitious outdoor adventures. Whether it's water sports, skiing, golfing or challenging mountain roads – the Activesphere concept offers ultimate variability for all activities.”

We can see that from above it has a very sports car-like coke bottle shape, even though it is a four-door vehicle. It also has what appears to be a one-piece glass roof and windscreen, giving us a peek inside at its red interior - we will get to see it in full on January 26 when its official debut is planned.

Audi Activesphere Concept Edited

Audi did tease this concept once before, back in August, when it showed a front three-quarter view that highlighted the vehicle’s sporty design, but also its raised ride height, as well as its wheels and tires that look like they would be at home on a loose gravel surface. No word on how much power the concept’s electric powertrain makes, but it’s surely at least a dual-motor setup, since this vehicle has all-wheel drive.

The other three vehicles in the “sphere” family are the Skysphere, the Grandsphere and the Urbansphere. The first is a daring two-door GT vehicle, the second is a more elegant four-door GT and the third is designed as a practical cross between an SUV and a people carrier designed to autonomously navigate crowded cities.

None of these four vehicles will directly spawn a production model, but their design is a preview of where Audi wants to take its trademark design next. And as the automaker has proven throughout its history, the look of its future vehicles will feel like an evolution of today’s model, so they won’t be radically different, since the goal seems to be to keep the same recognizable family look for the future.

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